Jedi Knight 2: good mods?

I just completed the single player story in Jedi Knight 2. The game was lots of fun to play, but it would benefit from far less instant-death traps. The model animations in the cutscenes sucked royally, too. They were so choppy. Now I’m hooked on botmatch, and I’m looking for some good single player/bot match mods/levels. Anyone have any suggestions?

Well, the only one I tried was “the Ladder”. Botmatch in a circular arena vs waves of increasingly difficult dark jedis. You start of with full force powers and your lightsabre (and your bryar pistol too, but it’s pretty useless). Good, clean mod except for the final “wave”, where the modmaker tries to create some… drama through liberal use of the speech in JKII.
I’d recomend it if you liked the sabrefighting in JKII.

I agree the ladder is pure gold. I still fire that up from time to time. Also check out some of the cheat sites to increase the dismemberment rate and use different color lightsabers etc.

– Xaroc

Haven’t had the time to try it out yet, but I hear that Colosseum might be worth a look.

Colosseum is interesting. It’s the first didactic mod I’ve ever played. It also isn’t alot of fun. It’s ok, but, with only one weapon, two sword stances, and no force powers, the gameplay boils down to nothing more than an hour of running around and chopping at enemies with your sword. I only finished it to see all of the little tidbits of interesting historical info about gladiatorial combat that pop up as the game progresses. Anyway, this mod’s still worth a download just to kill an hour, but it’s not going to blow you away.

I’ll be downloading Ladder and giving it a shot sometime today. Thanks for the tip!