Jeff Green Likes Soup

Now, if we can only figure out what kind.

I think he likes Crazy Internet Stalker soup.

Whichever one doesn’t require chewing. Dentures and all. :)

Admit it, this poll was created purely to raise the blood pressure of Jon R.

Boy, you run into Alex Handy on the streets, and he spills all your secrets. Bastard. Yes,l I like soup. Yes, I was at the soup place. Yes, I bought some soup there. WHY DON’T YOU GO AHEAD AND CRUCIFY ME NOW, YOU BASTARDS!!


Oh, and the correct answer is tomato soup.

Unless Tomato was, in fact, the soup of the day.

Phew. I saw Tim was the last poster in this topic and I was deathly afraid he was going to try to work penises in here TOO…

Sheesh, a guy makes one penis thread (albeit a very long penis thread) and he’s labeled for life. :)

Oh, if it was just that ONE penis, Mr. Elhajj, but I also happened to be reading Brian Rubin’s (admittedly month-old) job thread today and ran across…

I’m noting a trend. :)

Not according to the poll. The masses have spoken!

  • Alan

That’s my specialty!

Strewth , brag about it why don’t you?

Yup, secret’s out. I can’t keep a secret. Esspeically one about soup.