He’s back.


That son of a gun cracks me up. Stopped reading Something Awful when he disappeared.

Shouldn’t he be like 21 by now?

hope you didn’t miss this guy’s material

JeffK will always be 14.

Jeff K is pretty funny but I still think of him as some kind of shadow imitation of Phat Dragon.

Unfortunately I can’t find Phat Dragon’s stuff archived on the web anywhere. That such genius was destroyed, is a terrible thought.

GAMECUBE DS - THIS SYSTAM IS AWSOME NOW I CAN FINALLY PALAY MARIO GAMES ON A TINYER SCREEN! THANK YOU MODARN TECHNOLOGY FOR SUCH LEAPS AND BOUNDS of faith!!! also it coems with a pen and yuo can write love letters to Jodie Foster on teh screen

I hurt myself laughing…this takes me back to 1999…

Q: what do yuo call somebody who plays teh nintendo gamecube

:lol: :lol:

Lowtax sure is hilarious.

Wow it’s impossible to read and completely not funny.


I am going to incorporate the phrase ‘it is so over the top that your head gets pregnant’ at my next business meeting. Wish me luck!

Be sure to say it in a “Dr. Nick” voice. It’ll kill.

man, I remember phat dragon. I played a lot of QWTF. I’m gonna see if I can find some stuff

Not his best, but it’s him for sure

There si also a game called “nintendo dogs” and you pay soembody $30 to pet a fake dog for 50 hours until your arms cramp up and explaode. hey why dont I send Nintendo $50 and maeybe they will let me cut there grasss for a month wwowowowow what a slam ball of a deal thanks Japan for yuor fagotry.

so many quotable quotes…

EDIT: I spell like JeffK

Someone doesn’t get the joke.

See, when he spells Serious Sam 2 as “Seriouse Same 2,” there’s a joke there, and it’s not just that 14-year-olds don’t know how to spell “Serious Sam.” The fact that he spells it “Seriouse Same” every time should be a clue. :)

Rimbo, what does CTRL+D mean?

This is as funny as being in some game online when someone is complaining incessantly, and some helpful soul goes “Hey, PenisSaurusRex, have you tried increasing your frame rate? Just hit Alt-F4”

Then you get “PenisSaurusRex disconnected”.

Cracks me up everytime.

It doesn’t mean a damned thing.