Jem and the Holograms - Live action, no actual hologram

Yes, that’s Molly Ringwald and Juliette Lewis.

Directed by Jon M. Chu

Gotta love the One Direction song playing over scenes about artistic integrity and staying true to yourself.

…and this looks looks awful but I am sure that tween girls will go nuts for it.

“From the studio that brought you Pitch Perfect”? Really? Now they’re using the entire studio as if it was some sort of creative connection to another movie? They might as well point out it’s from the studio that brought you Fifty Shades of Grey and Jaws.

Anyway, I will see this for, hmm, let’s see, $50.


That’s what you’ll pay, or what you’ll need to be paid?

“Projected on the very same screens you may well have watched The Master on!”

Pretty sure Tom is saying if you paid him $50, he’d go see the movie.

He did that a while ago with… Tom’s said this in the past about other movies, and if I recall correctly, someone did PayPal him the cash, and he did go see the movie. It’s not stated, but I hope if someone did pay him to go see it that we’d get at least a review out of it!

This is outrageous.

I watched the trailer so I pretty much saw the movie, I’d say.

Truly, truly, truly outrageous.


Their songs are better.

In the cartoon, wasn’t Jem like some kind of secret agent who fought criminal organizations or something?

Jem and her friends had super rocking alter egos supplied by a magic computer AI that could project holograms out of her earrings. No, seriously.

Wow… this trailer was so bad. Wow.

I would think, that if you wanted to pay for licensing, you would at least use some of the original IP?

Man, for the first half of the trailer, I was hoping that it was an elaborate bait and switch, and that they would sneak a magical shape shifting computer in there somewhere. But given how we saw the entirety of the plot play out, there really isn’t much room left, is there?

You really do wonder why they’d make this a Jem movie instead of just a some-fucking-band-sob-story-movie.

Because then they wouldn’t be shitting all over so many people’s childhood, and we can’t have that.

Just watch We’re the Best if you want a quality girl band film. No cookie cutter formula and it is actually something just about any young girl could emulate successfully.

arrendek’s parents made him play with Jem dolls! Worst hand me down ever.

LOL Mostly TMNT, Transformers, and Thundercats actually. I guess 1 of the 3 of those haven’t been shit on by Michael Bay yet, so that’s cool.

I can see the trailer: “Thunder… explosion Thunder… explosion Thunderrrr… explosions Thundercats!!! Hoooooooooo! super-explosion

Edit: honestly at least one of those explosions would be a robot something or other jumping at the viewer

This made me laugh so hard

Who the fuck listens to the radio???