Jessica Jones - from Marvel and Netflix

Might as well start up a separate thread. Current speculation is that the show could be coming as soon as October, being six months from Daredevil and recent comments regarding a new show every six months.

Along with the title character, the show will feature Luke Cage, David Tennant as The Purple Man, Rosario Dawson, Hellcat, and possibly a few other surprises.

Reportedly Alias creator Brian Michael Bendis screened the first few episodes and absolutely loved it.

— Alan

Cool. I stopped reading superhero comics about fifteen years ago and have only heard a little about the character. I’m excited to see what all the fuss was about.

I await this with interest! Especially since it’s got Luke Cage in it, presumably leading into his own show later on.

Both Luke Cage and Iron Fist are getting their own shows. At some point both they, Jessica Jones, and Daredevil will all costar in a show where they fight crime together.

Please make Power Man/Luke Cage a heavyweight with real superstrength and invulnerability, not just pretty tough. I’ve always wanted to see a good version f that character. Super bonus points if he uses chains.

They cast the guy who plays Lamond Bishop on The Good Wife as Cage. I’m on my phone so can’t link, but he’s been fantastic on that show. He just exudes quiet menace. He’s not huge, though. Maybe he bulks up well.

Can’t wait for this. Kristin Ritter can act, and the whole Jessica Jones / Purple Man thing is dark, dark stuff. Looking forward to how it all plays out. This is not going to be Ant-Man cheerful, that’s for sure.

David Tennant as the Purple Man? Wow. Wonder how all the Whovians are going to react to seeing their crush playing a serial rapist.

I don’t know anything about Jessica Jones, but the Netflix Daredevil series was awesome, so I’m game for this.

Having come dangerously close to the fanfic communities in that fandom, I can’t help but think that there may be some who delight in it!

Dare Devil certainly wasn’t cheerful (though it was not that dark, either). This is apparently the grimdark corner of the Marvelverse. Good think there will be a kung-fu master on hand to help out (eventually).

Can I join you in that boat? I will totally be watching this.

I remain slightly worried that Iron Fist won’t see the light of day. I know it was announced as part of the original plan, and it’s still vaguely scheduled for over a year away so it’s not too worrying that we don’t have casting rumors or announcements, but I did hear some rumblings of difficulty deciding how they were going to handle the mystical side of his character. It wouldn’t surprise me if by the time they get through Jessica Jones and Luke Cage, maybe they just decide they don’t really need Iron Fist, and that what he brings to the table isn’t worth the headache of trying to strike the right tone for Bruce Wayne meets Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. A second season of Daredevil was never explicitly part of the plan when they announced four miniseries and a crossover Defenders miniseries/movie, but DD season one was such a hit they’re moving forward with another season of that, introducing the Punisher, etc. So I think maybe they’re keeping their plans flexible.

Nothing would make me happier than to see a great adaptation of Fraction and Aja’s Iron Fist stories, but I’m keeping my expectations in check and allowing for the possibility that they change course and don’t use him at all.

He was pretty awesome, and not at all cheerful or Doctor-esque, in Broadchurch. I’m looking forward to seeing what he can do here.

Announcement trailer doesn’t show anything, but merely to announce a release date: 11/20.

— Alan

A proper trailer at last!

Looks as amazing as you’d expect.

I keep thinking they’ll chicken out and lighten the tone up a bit (or be forced to by Marvel). Nope, not yet. This really is the dark and gritty end of the MCU.

Jesus, that was downright grim.

Sweet trailer, though. Lead looks like she can carry it. I’ll totally check it out.

I think this is going to be good, but this highlights how the whole Marvel TV/movie universe is bonkers. Like, the whole trailer, I’m thinking “so… SHIELD or whatever is going to show up soon, right?” I get that she’s secretive about her powers, but the SHIELD folks in the show seem to have very little trouble tracking down lower-end supers whenever they really need to. “Our sensors picked up a burst of super-strength being used in Hell’s Kitchen!”

Well, SHIELD is otherwise occupied with some spoilers at this point. Also, all it cares about is magical hacker pixie dream girls and Jessica Jones is only two of those things.

With less snark, SHIELD is more concerned about existential crisis type of stuff and getting their asses kicked over and over by HYDRA. So there are a couple minor supers fucking around in Hell’s Kitchen, who realistically could be handled fairly quickly if they started to get out of control? Eh. Do they have any crazy alien tech that could kick off an apocalypse in the wrong hands? No? All right then, good luck with your little slumlord problems or whatever.

Yeah, I know SHIELD is busy right now, but the whole thing just seems odd as these properties start to bump against each other. It works in comics because, hey comics, right? In movies and TV where reality is a little more solid, these heroes and stories seem to be overlapping in goofy ways.

I mean, not a single Avenger gives a shit about Kingpin? Not even when he blew up a bunch of buildings in downtown NYC - their home turf? Or the people blowing up in SHIELD?

This is sort of the drawback to a shared universe. You have to start accounting for what everyone is doing, or the seams show.