Jesus is Deion Sanders' accountant

CBS Sports resident idiot and commentator pays his bills in amounts equal to what the Lord tells him and no more.

When Sanders drove up, he refused to pay the invoice amount, handing Compton a $1,500 check and saying, “Praise Jesus … I follow what in my heart I’m told to pay.”

Maybe he was overcharged and Jesus did not approve all of the repairs for Deion, but…

But when the car was returned to the CBS sportscaster’s home in Plano on Nov. 5, 2001, Compton said Pilar Sanders, the former player’s wife, “answered the door, took the keys and invoices, started the car to make sure it was working and went back into the locked house, refusing to return the keys or invoices.”

Sanders’ bodyguards and housekeepers then moved their cars in front of and behind the Lincoln so that it couldn’t be towed back to the garage, the lawsuit stated.

I have no idea how these idiots (he and Michael Irvin) get TV gigs and stay on, but this makes me detest him all the more.

Why would a millionaire even try that…not to mention the stupidity envolved with thinking it might work.

He’s filling the wacky black man quota. You can’t have a football pregame show without a wacky black man talking about his clothes. It’s the law.

Jesus loves it when you cheat and/or steal and generally act like trash toward other people in His name.

Heh…I guess he gets a lot of pleasure lately then :).

It’s the law, when did that happen, i tohught it was more of a suggestion or a guidline then an actual law. huh.

He’s filling the wacky black man quota. You can’t have a football pregame show without a wacky black man talking about his clothes. It’s the law.[/quote]

Fox is in danger then. All they have is the more than capable James Brown heading up there entire NFL coverage.

  1. JB played Football at Harvard. That isn’t wacky enough for you?
  2. Bradshaw is all the wacky any network needs Ty. Fox has wacky Bradshaw talkin’ about his maw.

Bradshaw is a natural loon. Sanders and Irvin are horrible commentators that happen to attract a certain market segment, I assume. Their wackiness is completely unintentional. They are like the clowns of the show who think they are “the shit”, but are actually court jesters that people are laughing at and not with. BTW, I cannot stand Glanville either, so it is not a prejudice issue.

Oh yes, I agree with you there. I love Bradshaw and Long. And I much prefer Fox’s pregame to the rest… especially after they picked up Coach Helmet-Hair again. I never liked “The Former Bengals WR” (what is it with me and names today?)

I also liked FOX Sports Net (cable) the year before last. Before they got Goose, the wacky cheerleader parade, and the embarrassing rock band. They had a really good mix of old school players, newer players, a coach, a commentator, and Jay Mohr. Of course, I can’t remember any of their names either (save Mohr).

Cris Collingsworth and I agree 100%. He was an idiot and Long showed that to be true weekly. James Brown is nearly perfect in his role as ringmaster. He jokes with them and laughs at them, but seems to effortlessly keep the show rolling along. Finding intelligent and professional ex-players cannot be that hard and would pay off in the long run if Deion could be shown the door. I blame Chris Berman and his tired nickname practice (which should have been retired long ago, BTW) for Deion being as big as he is.

Damn, and I loved Deion when I was a kid… Maybe it’s time to sell off all those autographed sports cards, hehe.

I’ll give you $1 per card… that’s all the Lord is willing to pay.

I remember one Sunday where Dion and Irvin talked for what seemed like an hour about who had better suits, who paid more, who had the best tailor, blah blah blah… compelling television it wasn’t. That was reason enough to switch to the Fox pregame show.

I think they should simply add Blackwell, take out Marino, and make it a pre-game fashion show. They can watch the players show up at their respective stadiums in the gaudy cars and gaudier outfits and critique each one.

The Bruckheimer bill passed last year with little fanfare.

It’s a trick, they just cut out the wacky James Brown bits to invalidate my sweeping generalization and to avoid reaching a critical mass of wacky with Bradshaw. Plus, he just doesn’t sing enough anymore, which is a little wacky.

Apparently, Deion has WON his case. I don’t think the judge really bought his “God told me to pay less” argument. However, the judge DID seem to think that he had been overcharged by a corrupt mechanic. As I hear it, Sanders didn’t agree to pay 4k in repairs before they were done. As you probably know, a mechanic isn’t supposed to do work that you haven’t agreed to pay for in advance.

Still a funny defense though.