Jesus Loves to Steal Children

…All the Children of the World!

Haiti charging American missionaries with kidnapping:

I dunno… might just have to chalk this up to idiocy/ignorance.

"Ten Americans who were detained last week while trying to take 33 Haitian children out of the country were charged Thursday with kidnapping children and criminal association, a government official said.


Some of the detained Americans have said they thought they were helping orphans, but their interpreters said Wednesday that they were present when group members spoke with the children’s parents. Some parents in a village outside Port-au-Prince said they had willingly given their children over to the Americans, who promised them a better life and who said they could see their children whenever they wanted to.

Government approval is needed for any Haitian child to leave the country, and the group acknowledged that the children had no passports."

So now illegal border crossings are kidnapping? Not defedning their actions, but WTF Haiti.

This is why volunteer/charity work internationally needs professionals

As they loaded children onto a bus in Callebas on Jan. 28, the Americans took down contact information for all the families and assured them a relative would be able to visit them in the Dominican Republic.

The Americans’ journey began last summer after Silsby and her former nanny, 24-year-old Charisa Coulter, resolved to establish an orphanage for Haitian children in the Dominican Republic. Coulter is among the jailed Americans.

They began buying up used clothing and collecting donations from their Central Valley Baptist Church in Meridian and in November, Silsby registered the New Life Children’s Refuge Inc., the nonprofit organization coordinating the rescue mission. It listed the address of her now-foreclosed home in Meridian as its headquarters.

Then the quake hit. Silsby and Coulter moved into high gear, gathering donations and assembling a team to go into Haiti and urgently take out children, the younger woman’s father, Mel Coulter, told the AP from his home in Kuna, Idaho.

The group packed 40 plastic bins of donated goods into a U-Haul trailer and drove to Salt Lake City on Jan. 22, where they took a flight to the Dominican Republic

The Haitian pastor that gave the kids to the American missionaries says that it was a misunderstanding.

Haiti’s not exactly a great place in the best of times.

Granted, but the fact that they either never bothered to check on the legality of taking a person (any person) across a national border without any sort of papers, or worse, just decided they didn’t care, pretty much brands them as criminals under Haitian law.

Doesn’t sound so clear cut from this article

Told earlier that many of the children had living parents, Silsby said, “I did not know that.”

She added, “In our hearts, our intention was to help children that had been orphaned or abandoned by their parents.”

Several residents of the village of Calebasse, more than an hour from Port-au-Prince, told CNN they voluntarily handed over their children after Silsby told them she would give them a better life.


The group has no experience running an orphanage, has not registered as an international adoption agency and has not filed with the U.S. government as a nonprofit.

Church pastor Clint Henry was unfazed. “I believe that the kind of knowledge that it takes to begin an organization that works that way was in place,” he told CNN. “The kind of employees that it takes to successfully run an orphanage, those were going to be hired.”

Pretty much this.

So if they were trying to save these children from the shithole that is post-quake Haiti (as if it wasn’t enough of a shithole before), why not help the parents as well?

Government approval? What government? What courts?

The missionaries shouldn’t have done this, but this is simply a ridiculous way for the “government” of Haiti to try to show they are still in control.

What do you think the US government would do if a bunch of foreigners showed up after Katrina and made off with children?

I don’t even think US Government and Haitian “Government” belong in the same sentence.

Well I guess I’m in the minority, but I’m glad they were stopped. Taking kids away from their parents to go and live in an orphanage in another country (esp when you are clearly well-meaning but clueless) is not the best response. How about helping the families take care of their own children, so the kids can stay with their parents? Provide food and shelter and support for those families. If they haven’t even built the “orphanage” yet, why are they taking the kids out of the country?

There are other issues here. In Haiti they have this practice named Restavec, where parents essentially give away their children to become house help for wealthier families. Many times those wealthier families take the children into other countries (most often to the Dominican Republic). Because it sounds like child slavery to outsiders it’s a practice that Haiti has been trying to control for some time, but it is ingrained into the culture of many people and so it is very difficult. This is why the country has very harsh child trafficking laws.

The missionaries should have known both of the practice, and of the government trying to curb it. At least they should have known of all local laws and all proper guidelines when they first started to set up their orphanage on the other side of the border, long before the quake. And that they didn’t makes me question their intent.


Very interesting (Restavec). It’s always a trade-off with obviously ideological charities helping children, since they are likely to be in it for the soul-gathering/conversion. One would think they’d have more sense than these imbeciles.

That’s because you are prejudiced and ignorant, or at least giving a damned fine impression of it. You’re taking the talk radio approach of zeroing in on the easily mocked details instead of the main point, which is that in this case the government is absolutely right to put this to trial and potentially set an important precedent.

Another reason the two governments belong in the same sentence is, of course, you don’t have the present state of the latter without the help frequent intervention of the former. And you can put air quotes on that help, if you’d like.

It sounds to me like these people are taking advantage of a tragedy and the misfortune of these families to advance their own agendas. It’s like profiteering, but in spiritual rather than material coin.

I think any country’s government would take offense to foreigners coming in after a crisis, loading children onto a bus, and abdicating the country with no intention of coming back. These idiots don’t even have the qualifications to run an orphanage. Do they have an endless supply of money to fund this project? Who knows what they’re getting these kids into?

What do you think the US government would do if a bunch of foreigners showed up after Katrina and made off with children?

Turn the reduced number of school vouchers they needed to issue into “mission accomplished” banners?

I luled.

Technically, assuming the parents really did consent, they should be prosecuted for…immigration violations? It’s an obscure area of law, I’m not sure what applies. Human trafficking?