Jet Set Radio? No, Bomb Rush Cyberfunk

From Team Reptile, makers of Lethal League. Hideki Naganuma doing music.

OK, that looks like it should scratch that particular itch, I’ll take it.

You got to know your chicken.

Wow, that’s so blatantly the Jet Set Radio aesthetic.

Fingers crossed that it’s more like JSR Future, and not the original.

Hideki Naganuma did the music on JSR. This is a fine Sega if you wont make it we will project. They aren’t the first to try though there’s been a couple of others.

The music part makes me hopeful, but if we’re not literally getting a remaster of the original games, then I hope they give us a worthy but modern take. I’m a little worried they’re going to stay too close to the originals. I hope it’s more like the way Streets of Rage 4 modernized the franchise while staying true to its past.

Goddamn I loved these games. Please let this come to Xbone. Please.

Love the look!

I wish the gameplay video actually showed me what the gameplay was because I’m still confused.