So tlr (my wife) and I are watching a documentary (not the Ron Howard movie) about Apollo 13 (complete with interviews with Lovell, Sweikert, and Haise, as well as NASA director Gene Kranz, who sounds exactly as he does on the radio). Anyway, I truly love my wife, but as y’all my be aware, she is a bit, shall we say, historically challenged. During a commercial the following conversation took place:

tlr: So that was the first moon landing, right?
me: No, honey. That would be Apollo 11
tlr: Oh. So it was a Jew?
me: What was a Jew?
tlr: The first moon landing. It was by a Jew
me: WHAT??? What are you talking about?
tlr: You said the first man on the moon was Jewish
me: ???
tlr: You said it was Paul Levin.

Say goodnight, Gracie. (Kids, ask your parents).

First in a complete fuckeroll thread,


Put the eggnog down and back away from the keyboard.

P.S. Merry Christmas

What the fuck are you talking about?

I guess I’ll tell you what you want to hear: You should divorce her and marry someone who isn’t so stupid.

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Spare the vitriol folks, or the judgements - sometimes our significant others aren’t quite as brilliant and incandescent as our egos tell us we are.

Remember Art Linkletter - Kids say the darndest things. Most of you are kids, relatively speaking!

Signed, a real live gramps

In retrospect even I don’t know what I was talking about. Apologies. I blame alcohol and exhaustion. And innate stupidity.

Accepted. Remember kids, friends don’t let friends post drunk.

I hope the moon of your life is not aware of this forum. Really. :D

Not at all. And her natural tendency to mangle names, dates, and places is quite adorable. I told the exact story to her brothers and they found it hilarious. SOmetimes I refer to her as Norm Crosby (kids, ask your parents).

Oh, Apollo 11 -> Paul Levin. I get it now.

I was so hoping they’d actually make that Jews in Space movie. It looked awesome to my 9-10 year old self.

I read this thread title as Jaws in Space. Imagine my disappointment.

Also, tgb123 may have a diction problem.


The guy on the left is Jewish.

I have been accused of sometimes sounding like a shit salesman with a mouth full of samples.

I shared this story with my (Jewish) son, and I’ve rarely seen hand smack forehead that fast. Quite hilarious.

You’re probably originally from New York. Lots of them Jews in NY.