Jigsaw puzzle pattern creator

Hoping the collective google-fu far outstrips my own…

I’m looking for something that will generate a pattern for a simple jigsaw puzzle. Ideally, it’d just be 8.5"x11" and I could print it out. It’d also be fine if it would take in a .gif/.jpg and slap the pattern on it.

I need to be able to print out the patter/puzzle and then cut it up myself.

I’ve found all kinds of stuff that does parts of what I need (some will take in a picture, but won’t print out the pre-scattered puzzle, some won’t print at all, some won’t go lower than 24 pieces (I’d like 10 or 12, ideally), and so on), but nothing that does it all.

If it comes down to it, I can draw it by hand, but I’d rather it not suck donkey balls.

I found this: http://www.dottysvirtualjigsaws.com/Jigsaw02.asp but none of them seem to let you print the puzzle itself. Everyone seems to be interested in making computer jigsaw puzzles.