Jim Henson

Was awesome.
That is all.

Like 5


I am having the GREAT pleasure of introducing my 22 year old bro to the MUPPETS.

Takes me back, and a lot of this stuff I am finding in youtube I have not seen in ages myself, and it is ALL great, what a fucking genius that man was.

Hard to believe one man could impact so many so positively.

I just watched Muppets Take Manhattan last night!

Barkley > Sprocket

Animal >Buddy Rich


Statler = Waldorf > *

No muppet appreciation thread is complete without a little Bohemian Rhapsody.


Best line in The Muppet Movie, after the Electric Mayhem repaint the bus all wacky-like:

Fozzie: I don’t know how to thank you guys!
Kermit: I don’t know why to thank you guys.

The funniest thing on the internet: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oc1iIRKZE9w

My grand daughter and I watch the Muppets every day. She loves the Swedish Chef and Beaker (she has good taste).

How times change

Not that there needs to be a reason to celebrate Henson, but did anything in particular inspire this thread?

Hah, some of those are really good.

Gotta keep in mind that when you have 10 seconds to sell a product instead of the 15/30 seconds today, you try to get as attention getting as possible.

I was joyous when my wife found Sid the Science Kid on Netflix streaming… and the animation looked so familiar… and it turns out it’s done by Jim Henson Productions in LA!

I miss the cloth muppets a bit, but the mo-cap animation really lets the performers use their bodies much more than the old muppets ever could, and I’m sure the economics are critical. It’s great to see the muppet legacy continue. Plus the show’s content is just awesome – it really does teach scientific thinking to five-year-olds!

The Muppet Show was one of the best shows on television, full stop.

FYI Jim Henson’s The Storyteller series is on Netflix streaming.

1979 Muppet Movie Camera Test - Part One, Part Two (via)