Jim Woodring

Jim Woodring, author of many Frank comics and anthologies, a long-adored character in weird comics, is due to release Jim, a “bounty of Woodring’s inspired artistry”.

Frank is, as everyone knows, Jim Woodring’s best-selling cartoon character. Jim, on the other hand, is Woodring’s cartoon alter ego, the fictional doppelganger who has for 30 years inhabited Woodring’s alternate universe where shifting, phantasmagoric landscapes, abrupt, hallucinatory visual revelations, and unexpected eruptions of uninhibited verbal self-flagellation are commonplace. Jim is a mind-bending collection of all of Woodring’s best non-Frank creative work — comics stories, prose stories, drawings, and paintings, with a new introduction and afterword by the man himself. Abounding in metaphors if you choose to see them and naked self-disclosure if you don’t, this volume of comics, prose, and images — collected here for the first time — is a bounty of Woodring’s inspired artistry. Black & white with 24 pages of color