JLU: Once and Future King

We finally got another new episode of Justice League Unlimited here in the US, part one of a two-part series finale, and well … the only things missing in this time-traveling tale involving cowboys, indians, robots, and more were zombies and pirates.

Great opening bit between Batman and Green Lantern discussing each other’s love lives. The fact that the Watchtower has a regular old “employee” cafeteria amuses me to no end.

Then the cliffhanger … “Dad?

Can’t wait until next week for Batman + Batman action.

Damn. Finally a new show and I miss it. Hopefully its on torrent somewhere.


So speaking of time travel, what’d everyone think of this now that we’ve (presumably) seen part 2 as well?

I didn’t follow the regular Justice League cartoon, was that our first Hal Jordan in the DCAU, or had he shown up before? I was hoping they’d slip a couple more fun time shifts in like that.

For some reason my TiVo only recorded part 2 of this two-parter, but what I saw I thought was laughably bad. Batman got a “good look” at the bad guy’s time belt so he was able to write a program that destroys it? And then loads it onto the belt from a COMPACT DISK? What kind of BELT has a CD drive? Also, the Joker baddies got absurdly powered up to the point where one of them could throw sparks that burned through GL’s shield?

Awful, awful writing on this one, almost down to the fan fiction level. The only bright spot was getting to see Terry from Batman Beyond again. That was VERY cool.

Well, for the J-gang’s weapons, there was a line that made it sound like they’d been brought from even farther in the future.

Yeah, I caught that, but it smacks of lazy writing to force the heroes into a dangerous situation where it normally wouldn’t exist. It was nerfing GL in particualr that stood out. I could almost swallow the rest.

Okay, and now I’m going to put my Comic Book Guy hat on…

I downloaded Part I, watched it just now, and found it even worse. It had almost every tired Wild West cliche imaginable --jailbreak, crooked poker game, sherif getting run out of town, heroes coming in to clean the place up, fancy laso work, bandits, and a final fistfight between the hero and villain. All they were missing was a runaway stagecoach and help from some absurd Native American mysticism.

And then there was the final showdown with the future-tech, which threw physics (even superhero physics) out the window and crammed in utter nonsense like robots (can’t have the heroes killing humans, I guess) dinosaurs, and --get this-- robot dinosaurs. I’ll say it again: this was fan fiction quality stuff.

Too bad, as I’ve really enjoyed some of the earlier episodes. I think they’re at their best when telling small stories, like the one with Buster Gold trying to be a hero or Batman and the magician chick (Zatana or something?) trying to rescue Wonderpig.

Dude, they had yellow whips!

Er… Is that significant? I’ve never read any of the comics so I’m only familiar with the character from the show.

This was an episode that really suffered due to the half-hour time requirement.

I have to admit, I was kind of dissapointed in the second episode mainly because it missed a number of opportunities to have Bruce and Terry fighting next to each other.

I wanted something akin to Terry’s reaction in the Batman Beyond episode with Ra’s Al Ghul in which he got to see a brief glimpse of Bruce in his prime. I’d like to have seen young Bruce actually react to having a replacement to carry the Batman legacy onwards.

I also really didn’t like how Terry got shortchanged in the episode, with little to do and eventually getting killed.

Also, I know the comic fans really hate the soap opera stuff, but damnit, just let Bruce Wayne know at least a little happiness in one of the DC universes and have a relationship with Diana. The stories one could tell about the trials such a relationship would endure is full of opportunities, though I guess we’ll just have to live with the whole Lantern, Hawkgirl thing, though I doubt they’ll really move that plot along in order to placate the comic geeks who hate the idea of capes and relationships.

On the plus side: The Question, Huntress, Green Arrow and Black Canary on a double date episode written by Gail Simone.

Er… Is that significant? I’ve never read any of the comics so I’m only familiar with the character from the show.[/quote]

Prior to the Kyle Rayner Green Lantern (the dude who replaces Green Lantern), all Green Lantern power rings were useless against anything yellow. Although now that you mention it, I don’t remember this being a plot device in previous Justice League cartoons…

Speaking of Batman Beyond, let me just say I loved that show. Has anyone heard of any plans to release full seasons of that on DVD yet?

Kyle Raynee, essentually playing the part of Hal Jordan, fought Sinestro in the Superman series episode “In Brightest Day…”. The yellow thing probably popped up there.