JLU premiere tonight?

It is, according to tviv, at least.

The deformed corpse of TVTome agrees! Wow, what a nice surprise!

Wow, you’re right! That came out of nowhere. Sweet. :)

Apparently there are two episodes tonight and two next week. TiVo ahoy!

Thanks, Anders!

Anyone know if this gonna be available in Canadiananana?

Yes, 10pm-11pm EST, according to what I read a while back. They’re doing one hour episode formats again (I think).

(For some reason I thought it was two hours. hmmmm)

Damn Son!

That’s some good news. I had gone through a halfhearted attempt to look it up with my Tivo over the last few weeks only to find it wasn’t playing.

Not a bad pair of episodes. Not OMFG amazing, but the bar was set pretty high with the last half-dozen episodes last year. Anything short of an epic multi-episode arc is going to pale in comparison for now. I guess we’ll see where the Legion of Doom stuff goes.

Judas Priest! I agree, it’s going to be hard to top last season. When are they going to start giving us some real Justice League DVDs!?

Ah man.


I’m looking forward to next week’s. Going by the previews, looks like we have a lot of the female heros. AND - Supergirl is in her classic/new costume (just like in the comics, and the older-school Supergirl costumes from the past). Very cool. It’s like they’re having the character “grow up” a bit. She doesn’t have that kiddy hair thing anymore either.

I don’t know much about the Star Spangled Kid, other than that she’s in the JSA, but she seems like a cool character.

It’s great. Are they even advertising it? My kids watch a lot of CN and we hadn’t seen any promos noting that these new eps. were going to be on. The stories are some of the best on TV. It would be nice if they let people know the shows are on.

It’s on my TiVo list now though.

Also, Escaflowne is supposed to be on but TiVo doesn’t seem to list it? Anyone?


Anyone know if this can be downloaded somewhere? =/


The LoD episode was fun, if for no other reason that they have so much potential. I like how they have Lex suffering holdover effects from his melding with Brainiac last season.

The second episode, though, was embarassingly awful. Really. They explore an ancient Egyptial ruin with nothing but a torch? As in a piece of wood that’s on fire? I kept muttering “please, no booby traps. No booby traps, come on, no boobie --OH COME ON! BOOBIE TRAPS?” Just too cliche, predictable, and uninspired to enjoy. Plus why didn’t anyone point out that since the archaeologist had, you know, WINGS he obviously wasn’t human? Not quite as bad as the Wild West episode from last season, but close. Though I admit that the elevator scene with Hawkgirl and GL was great.

FWIW, the wings were fake. The archaeologist pulled them out of his bag and strapped them on while Hawkgirl was looking at something else (you can see him adjusting them when it first shows him with them). I didn’t think the episode was that bad. They’ll have to build back up to something huge like the end of last season, but I’m confident they will.

As for the first episode, I was very skeptical going in, but ended up liking it quite a bit. Lex’s Gaiusbaltaritis is a pretty nice touch.

My impressions:

My daughter loves Cartoon Network, but she doesn’t remember seeing a single commercial about JLA. I almost wonder if this is intentional and they’re running some sort of test screening thing to test what they should do with future episodes. Either that, or this is another network plot to kill a TV show by airing it late at night without telling anyone…


[color=white]I had the same thoughts about the wings. Everyone was debating about how the guy couldn’t be for real, but he had wings … and they worked.

I also liked Lex’s connection with Brainiac. It was like watching an episode of Rescue Me. :)[/color]

Usenet, as always. Probably some torrent site, too, but I don’t know any.

How does Hawkman work in the comics? Aren’t his wings something he wears in the comic too?