JM Coetzee wins Nobel literature prize

Any thoughts?

The day I comment on a Nobel prize winner will be the day they give it to a fantasy author. Or I start reading decent literature, but we know that won’t come first.

They already did. Gabriel Garcia Marquez writes fantasy (maybe other recipents have as well).


Pfff. Garcia Marquez, fantasy? He wouldn’t know a High Elf or an Epic Quest To Save The World From Unspeakable Evil if it bit him in the ass.

[size=2]Kidding. One Hundered Years of Solitude knocked my socks off. But it’s not exactly genre fantasy.[/size]

I meant of course genre fantasy, a lot of authors have written some form of fantasy at one time or another.

Disgrace and Waiting for the Barbarians are two utterly fantastic novels. He deserves it.