JMJ's Google Maps sightseeing thread

I was using Google Maps to explore a strangely empty neighborhood in Detroit when I suddenly came upon this gruesome vista. Looks like things really are as bad up there as people say.

That…cannot be unseen.

Check out the satellite view of the North Carolina Museum of Art and look for the hidden message.

Ohhh, I know one!

Zoom out on that building, JMJ.


Hmmmmmmm art

You can tour CD Projekt’s building.

Nice office. I could see myself being especially productive snacking and lying on one of the couches there.

I would get distracted staring at the walls in the conference room…

I bought an old book that was once the property of the Friedman Library in Tuscaloosa, AL. On a whim I went to look at it on Google Maps, and this is where it was when it existed.

Far South Side of Chicago.

Tightwad, MO

I giggled like a 13 year old