Jo Nesbø / Harry Hole books

Anybody read the Harry Hole series of detective novels from Norwegian crime writer Jo Nesbø? I’ve read two of them: Nemesis and The Leopard. I think that Nemesis originally was released in Norway in 2002 or so. The Leopard is more recent.

Nemesis was a bit of a mess, but a fun mess to read. There were too many coincidences and more crap thrown on/in the story than necessary. Nevertheless, I enjoyed it and it made me want to read more of the series.

The Leopard was pretty exciting though all of its twists and turns. My biggest criticism of it is that it discusses a number of details from The Snowman, which I have yet to read. I suppose that is good from a story continuity perspective for those who follow the series, but it ain’t great from my perspective.

Having spent a lot of time in Norway, I could really visualize the scenes that took place up in the mountains, between skiing cabins. I guess it helps that I know Norwegian and don’t trip over the names with ø å æ in them.

Has anybody else read these?




That is indeed awesome.

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