Joanna Dark, I would like you to meet Mary Sue

Ms. Dark has almost every single defining trait of a Mary Sue.

Not really the book, so to say. Still, it seems to be the new hotness in female characters…

Speaking of bad game novels, I have the Warcraft book that was given away to people who preordered WoW (I didn’t, but the store had leftovers and bundled them with the regular package for a while to get rid of them).

It uses the phrase “a wonder to touch the heart” to describe a castle twice on the very first page. I’ve never bothered to read any further.

I bought that Warcraft Thrall novel. What a piece of garbage.

Know what’s funny? Bioware hired the author.

On the topic of game novels, I sort of enjoyed the prequel to Halo, Fall of Reach. Nothing fantastic, but pretty solid and enjoyable.

Know what’s funny? Bioware hired the author.[/quote]

I don’t get the point of writing books that rehash a game’s story straight. Books about the characters and the universe, sure, why not - but a half-arsed, ultra abridged version of a usually not very good story is a waste of ink.

(Mind you, Planescape Torment did offer the hilarity of a book about the Nameless One spending a whole five femtoseconds or so before giving him…uh…a name. I laughed a lot at that, although I hadn’t paid money for the damn thing, so I could.)

I also enjoyed Fall of Reach. Even though, by the standards set forth, the Master Chief may well be Mary Sue. However, since the whole point of Master Chief is to be the ultimate badass, I guess that works out ok.

Nylund isn’t a bad author. I haven’t read the Halo books but did read some of his other works. He does get a little Mary Sueish though.

Thats horrifying.

You guys should watch “The Office” Season 1 for Dwight Schrute’s definition of a Hero in the Diversity episode. You would like it.