John Carpenter’s Toxic Commando - Another zombie co-op shooter, but now there's a truck

Focus Entertainment and developer Saber Interactive are thrilled to reveal John Carpenter’s Toxic Commando, coming in 2024 to PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S and PC via the Epic Games Store. Tag team with up to four players in this intense first-person shooter and battle massive hordes of mutated monstrosities to eradicate a supernatural outbreak before it’s too late.

Snowrunners meets World War Z!

Stapling John Carpenter’s name to a co-op zombie shooter more than clears my low bar. Day 1!

I like the vehicle aspect. I wonder how durable they will be.

Something that looks both cool and stupid at the same time. And what is the Carpenter connection? He’s selling his name or did he come up with the story?

Not surprised he finally got involved making a game. He’s a big time game nerd.

I liked that hot towing action in the trailer!

So does one of your friends get to use the .50 cal and everyone else stays in the truck to sing?

They showed people in the cab firing out windows. Someone probably drives, too.

Wait. John carpenter Dead Space movie? Please make it so!

So it’s Left 4 Death Road to Canada?

Yeah, it looks like the guy in the shotgun position can actually use a shotgun to blast zombies off the car hood or out the side-doors.

I hope you can shoot from multiple positions in a vehicle. Like if you get a station-wagon you can easily shoot out the back of it from the back seats.

The more I think about this the more I think it’s a great idea. Man, in fact I think I’ve always loved co-op/team combat with vehicles since Starsiege: Tribes, and I can’t think of any other games that do it outside of similar online epic multiplayer games.