John Cusack + Rob Coddry + Craig Robinson = Hot Tub Time Machine

Red-band trailer

Looks extraordinary. A good R-rated comedy with no involvement from the Apatow or Phillips camps? Sign me up.

Certainly looks promising.

“I write Stargate Fan-Fiction, this is right up my alley”

New trailer

So, an US version of FAQ About Time Travel… I’m a bit skeptical, but at least the cast is very promising.

I saw the trailer for FAQ About Time Travel, and these movies are nothing alike, except for the time travel.

That looked worth seeing to me.

Saw a screening of this last night… hilarious. It is just so far out of left field, so absurd that it works.

Rob Corddry.

The best moment in the trailer is when Craig Robinson utters “It must be some kind of hot tub time machine” and then breaks the fourth plane to stare straight into the camera. Brilliant.

Fourth wall.

Fourth dimension.

Ofurth Idemoisn.

It’s basically a remake of Primer.

But with a hot tub.

Not really… they only travel in time once. It’s more like Peggy Sue Got Married but using an '80 Ski Party/Patrol movie for the past. And Cusack wears a Lane Meyer outfit and a Lloyd Dobler outfit.

I’ve only seen the trailer, but the Michael Jackson line was pretty funny.

My only complaint was that I don’t get why the writers decided they needed a geeky young guy to be part of the group. I think the movie concept would have worked just with the older guys. Perhaps the film proves my concern to be unfounded, however.

I saw this last night and the outfits were totally rad. I really enjoyed the movie and although Corddry was funny Craig Robinson out-funnied him. I stayed until the end of the credits hoping they’d tag a little 80s-style clip on the end, but they botched that opportunity.

Despite the fact that everyone who attended was at a free prescreening the mood throughout the film was rather subdued, and there were a lot of folks who didn’t like it. I don’t know how you can live through the 80s and not love a movie that has both Crispin Glover and William Zabka in it. Unless you’re totally bogus, dude.

He serves a purpose, and gets some hilarious swipes in on the geezers.

That was great. Wife and I had a very good time, lots of good laughs.

I really wanted to see this movie when I first saw this thread. As it got closer I thought it looked pretty bad. I saw it tonight and it was really funny, the whole theater seemed to enjoy it.