John Deere American Farmer?

Anyone else have this title?

I bought it for my 5 yr. old son for Christmas (he loves Tractors & Trucks & Trains).

Anyways, I installed it on my pc, downloaded the update, ect ect ect. Get ready to load up a game, it loads up to the main screen. I set up the game, but when I click to begin the actual game, crash to desktop.

I have updated pretty much everything on my pc…Civ4 runs fine…WoW runs fine…Eve runs fine…Star Wars Battlefront 2 runs fine…GTA: San Andreas runs fine…in other words, every game I have runs with no problem (heck, even Star Wars Galaxies works).

Any ideas? The devs don’t seem to have a forum…



Under the Agricultural Adjustment Act of 1933, the U.S. government granted federal payments to farm game developers not to create surplus farm games.

The 1996 “freedom to farm games” legislation promised to end this method of argicultural gaming subsidy. The law called for the gradual reduction of subsidies over a 7-year period, ending with the termination in 2002. This move, the government hoped, would make farm game developers more dependent on the free market and less on the government.

However, in 2002 the federal government enacted new legislation, the “farm game security and rural game investment act of 2002” that ensured support to farm game developers for the next six years.

Until that happy day in 2010, assuming the law isn’t extended, may I recommend picking up “Abdelahi Ramina: Somalian Famer”? It is a strikingly executed simulation of a hard working farmer toiling without government intercession, or indeed government at all. Or seed grain or water. Or tractors. Fun for all ages!

ummm…thanks…for your…help

What does the game say on the box? Is it compatible with XP? If not, compatibility mode might be your friend.


it was just released a year and a half ago…but, yes…i did double, no make that, triple-check the requirements…i meet and exceed all of them

There is a 1.02 patch that not all websites seem to have.

Good luck.

I got that also…Here is what it does

It loads up…I select the scenario…I select whoever the “farmers” will be…I can even go into the map editor, and that loads up with no problems. But as soon as I click on begin a new game, it crashes to desktop…every time.

Not sure what the problem really is…


Do you have a dual core processor? If so load the game then uncheck one of them in the task manager. Some games crash with both cores.

I have never been asked that question…and I am not sure if i do or not…how would I find out?


ok, so i guess i have figured out how to make the game work. If I load the game up using the shortcut, the game crashes…BUT…if i load the game up using the CD-rom, the game runs fine…

So, there I go…