John McCain diagnosed with brain cancer


If Barack Obama thinks the man is an American hero and brave fighter, who am I to disagree with that? I’m not a fan of some of his politics, but he seems like a reasonable dude, and reasonable dudes sometimes get caught up in unreasonable bs when it comes to politics. I know the prognosis is grim, but I hope he can beat cancer.


So a long way from fake news. There is a source and it may or may not be reliable but that’s already heads and tails above fake news which just manufactures everything out of thin air.

Twitter Rant:It feels like everytime somebody posts a tweet like this I have to spend an enormous amount of cognitive load and clicking to figure wth it’s about. This one was honestly better than most in terms of effort, but goddamn is P&R generally bad about reposting indecipherable tweets.


At one point, the woman claimed that McCain had not replied to their requests at all, and then later she said she had a letter where he said they should move out of the state… and then she retracted that, because she couldn’t find the letter.

It does not seem like a reliable story.


Twitter is an incredibly bad medium for disseminating information in a coherent, organized form.

I feel like a better system was once devised in bygone days… had a weird name like ‘nerspepper orticles’ or something. They also had a mysterious construct called something like ‘perrygrafs.’


Agreed. Quite frankly, most response letters are written by staff (despite assertions otherwise), and I have a hard time believing a staff person would strike such a bold stance in a reply which could then be turned into fodder by political opponents.

That said, I have plenty of issues with McCain. The tipping point for me was when he capitulated to GWB after the 2000 primaries. He clearly put party unity ahead of integrity, and that didn’t jive with the image he’d portrayed thus far. Ever since, I’ve been highly suspicious of any claims to unimpeachable ideology from his corner. Still, he’s dedicated his life to service of the country, even if I vehemently agreed with some of his ideas for what would be best. I hope he beats this and lives many more years.


I just ignore the countless Twitter links from random people that are posted without any context or… (1)

After all, if the poster can’t be bothered to communicate their message I don’t see why I should have to do the detective work to figure… (2)

And there’s a special place in hell for people who take complex paragraphs, and break them up across a dozen different… (3).

Twitter is awful. (4)

There’s no “seems” about it. It’s a story that alleges the existence of a printed document that would be totally explosive except the story teller who claims to have the document cannot produce it.

Absent evidence or verification, a story is not news. It’s gossip.


This is an interesting story because it illustrating that you can get good healthcare without health insurance.
Kevin first got therapy,
Then when he was sick he got CAT scans, not one but two expensive surgery. He was given top priority for surgery, Then give two+ rounds of chemo and radiation. In the 2010 article, Kevin has briefly kicked off the Arizona program but reinstated. His wife was kick off. I understand money was tight, but they are 20 something with no jobs, they weren’t homeless and able to get the occasional meal out.

According to Tashi blog they eventually lost Arizona care. But I’m not sure St. Lukes hospital ever stopped treatments of Kevin. The treatment they received is virtuallyy the same thing they are talking about giving Senator McCain, and I suspect Vespers dad. The only difference is Senator McCain is at the Mayo Clinic, instead of a public hospital.

The article said glioblastoma kills people in 3 months if untreated Kevin lasted three years, because he was treated Sen. McCain will be lucky to last that long. Taishi blames Gov. Brewer, Arizona, and I guess even Sen. McCain for her husband’s death.

It’s just not true, glioblastoma killed her husband, just like it did Vesper’s dad, and almost certainly John McCain. John McCain has earned three insurance coverages, Medicare the same as almost all seniors, his Congressional insurance, and I think we can all agree more than earned his VA coverage. Cindy McCain is worth more than $100 million. All those insurance policies nor Cindy’s money aren’t going to make any difference. Nor is him being a fighter

I’d be more sympathetic to Tashi’s plight if spending a zillion more dollars would have cured her husband, it wasn’t, all was going to do is perhaps extend his live another year or two. Those years filled with a series of radiation and chemo treatments. At some point as a society, we have to start making intelligent choices about how we use our limited health care resources.


Now, correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t her issue with state laws in Arizona?

Like… I get that McCain is a senator, but… that’s a federal position. He can’t do much to change Arizona law other than ask someone else to look into it, maybe give a speech at best. And like Strollen said… it’s a cancer with very low likelihood of survival, so even if you were Bill Gates you’d still probably die from it.


Get a load of this terrible person.

Ghosts of elections past appeared in Arizona, as Sen. John McCain’s 2016 challenger urged him to resign because of his brain cancer diagnosis on Friday. She also took the opportunity to put her name forward as his replacement.

While speaking to an Indiana radio station, Dr. Kelli Ward — who failed to beat McCain in the Republican primary in 2016 and is running against Republican Sen. Jeff Flake in 2018 — said she’d be a strong choice to replace the senator.

This could easily go into the moral bankruptcy of the GOP thread.


So there’s like what, a 98.5% chance she’ll probably become the next Senator? Sounds like just the sort of person the GOP favors these days.


McCain was a war hero who legitimately saved American lives and morale as a POW. Whatever you think of his political career, and I don’t think much of it, he is a war hero and deserves the respect of one.


I’m guessing that this would be a good time for him to either prove that the GOP healthcare plan is worth fighting for by using only the benefits afforded to him by the proposed plan and whatever military benefits he is able to use, or come out strongly opposed by demonstrating exactly how a normal civilian would be told to lay down and die in a situation like this.

As above, he deserves utmost respect for his military service. But he also needs to be the rallying cry to have a real healthcare system.


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Yes and no. His treatment of his first wife was rather horrible., as was his attempt (currently stalled) to sell off sacred tribal lands to mining companies by sneaking it into the NDAA rather than having a straight vote, after losing many other straight votes.

However, despite his failings, he has also done a lot of stand up work of which just about any American would be proud, but he has had some serious ethical screwups, while still being a rather ethical person.


If he votes “yes” on the MTP, any possible remaining question I had about him being a man of principle will be answered in the negative. He is, and always has been in his political life, a person who values party over country.


Like McCain is going to vote no. Pshaw! The only reason they’re dragging him in for this vote is to rally and shame any nays.


I agree. He will sell whatever shreds are left of his soul.


I’m pretty sure he’s voting for it. History will not be kind.


Of course he will. I hope he then follows the GOP plan of if you’re old and you get sick, lay down and die. Lead by example!

Oh but wait, he’s a rich white dude. That excludes him from being old. Damn.


I’m fine with him voting to repeal it if he truly believes that’s the best… but the way they are repealing it… with no public bill until the last second, hiding as much as possible, attacking the CBO, no debate, no hearings, no amendments from opposition, no town halls, rush rush rush as quick as possible and as invisible as possible. This is a travesty for democratic norms. It’s the hyperbole of the stuff they said about the ACA but actually true. And if McCain votes to pass it like this there is no excuse in my mind.