John McCain diagnosed with brain cancer


There’s always a chance that McConnell has some crazy plan to lock the doors during the vote and burn himself and all the GOP Senators in a fiery sacrifice to Satan. It’s not likely but I’m not going to completely rule out the possibility of it happening.


Which multiverse is that, and how do we get transferred?

McCain lived a hero, but will die a coward. This will be his epitaph, the thing he deserves to be remembered by.


This would be his finest act as a legislator.


I wish Trump got cancer instead.


I’m going to dream tonight.

The vote stands at 49-50. We’ve already had the two pre-negotiated GOP moderate defectors claim their spot as NO votes but all the other folded. McCain is late to the session, coming off the plane he needed medical attention, but they hold up the vote him. Minutes of awkward silence and he finally arrives. Bandages covering his head, voice creaking, “You all know what I’m going through. Health care is life or death. This isn’t just politics. This isn’t about getting a win on your scorecard. This effects the life and death of single American. We can’t jam through a law nobody read until a few hours without debate. Without a hearing. We have to get this right. This is AMERICA. We do DEMOCRACY here. I vote NO.” Then he hurls the mic across the Senate into an inexplicably placed tire on the far side of the room, the mic sailing through in a perfect spiral and hitting Trump square in the chest. He nods.


McCain has already said he thinks healthcare should be done on a bipartisan basis.

The vote to proceed requires Republicans to actually take a stand. I think that is a good thing period. McCain is definitely going to vote yes on that. My understanding is that the bill will open to amendments. I wouldn’t predict how he votes on the final bill. But I understand that there are parliamentary objections to many provisions being acceptable for reconciliation.

I can easily see McCain voting yes for the final bill, but voting to oppose overturning the parliamentary rules.

My bet is that in up being forced to work with Democrats one way or another, which would suit McCain just fine. He has done it many times before.


This distasteful sentiment on my part “worked” for Rob Ford so I’m hoping it works on Cheeto ShitGibbon.


Your statement is fine. I also wish bad things upon Trump. He deserves bad things.


I’ve graduated from stroke to aneurysm (I think the latter requires a brain though.)





McCain figures that, if healthcare can’t save him, then he’s damn sure going to take a bunch of other folks with him.


He voted “yes?” Really?


Cheeto Mussolini needs to go out shitting his pants in public.


On the motion to proceed, not the actual bill. Yet.



This speech is the best civics lesson you get this year. People who criticize the vote to proceed obviously didn’t listen to the speech. As I predicted he is opposing the “shell of bill” as he is calling it.
We have to get a bill that gets 60 votes otherwise were are back to square one.


Yes, the speech was good.

I think that folks are criticizing the vote because it moves a bad bill forward, and they fear he will just vote for whatever the GOP ends up with when is all said and done.


Because McCain gave this big speech about preserving protocol, and then STILL voted to proceed on a bill where the public hasn’t seen the text yet! This is exactly what he is saying it terrible.


Yeah, he said it’s terrible and yet voted to proceed. Seems reasonable to think that’s not logically consistent and that he’s just planning to tow the GOP line yet again. If he had some precedent of not doing that in the last decade, then maybe I’d cut him some slack.