John McCain diagnosed with brain cancer


Yeah. I don’t really think this is reason to forget a career largely characterized by years of consistently supporting the policy positions of the most toxic, dangerous major political party in American history…

But on the other hand, every so often, terrible people manage to do the right thing. McCain picked a pretty damn useful moment to (partially) grow a conscience.


Conscience or suddenly worrying about his legacy? The condemnation of him was almost universal and very, very visible across the world.

I have a sneaking suspicion that he may have been very surprised by it, and this sudden reversal is more about protecting the ‘bipartisan conscientious and moral warrior’ narrative that a substantial amount of people (including on this thread) believe.

Which is fine, once taken in context.


Yup. I’ll join in here to applaud McCain for doing the right thing this time.


Hell, even doing the right thing for most of the wrong reasons. . .

I mean it’s not quite Rand Paul level illogic, but he’s really making it hard for me to want to cheer his decision.

I mean, I still will. Millions of people’s healthcare got preserved a while longer thanks to it. But still -.-


Hey, when your puppy shits outside after years of ruining your carpet, you still need to pet him on the head in praise.


I still think McCain is a tool, but I’m absolutely tickled at his showmanship while he shot down this travesty of legislative procedure. I mean, he’s no Collins or Murkowski, but I’m still pretty happy with him this morning.



Yeah McCain was all


In public life, at least, I’m not sure there’s much difference between the two.


I’ve seen “tow” used several times in the last few days. I believe the word is “toe” not “tow”, as in to toe the line in a race.


Correct, it’s “toe.”



You are quite correct, it’s the kind of mistake I would usually catch on desktop but have a habit of missing on mobile!

@kerzain I only recently got into rake and it is quite fantastic. I particularly love prison preacher tracksuited Kal


Ah, yes. I find that I do it myself, typing an apostrophe onto a plural. I think it’s because I see it that way so much. I usually catch it and think “what are you doing”?


While McCain’s vote was sorely (and sadly) needed and I retract my earlier ‘lay down and die’ statement, major kudos go to Collins and Murkowski. They were solid ‘No’ votes from the start I believe - for the right reasons even(?), and they stuck to it. McCain doesn’t have a career to destroy, I think they do so their ‘No’ is a much bigger deal even though they get less of the thanks.


Now all we need is some folks to pull a Jim Jeffords and bolt their party…


I don’t know much about Murkowski but I do know that I respect her stance on healthcare. She has constantly said that she has the job to support the people of Alaska.


Well, that took longer than I thought it would.


I like senators that don’t get cancer.


No surprise, but still tough


The only Republican willing to stand up against the party leadership, is the guy who is gonna be facing more a more serious authority soon.

Sad, but I’m glad he didn’t fold at the end.