John Prine Died..

Goddamit. Had tickets for him in May. Great songwriter.

Fucking plague.

"I hate graveyards and old pawn shops
For they always bring me tears.
I can’t forgive the way they robbed me
Of my childhood Souvenirs."

RIP John Prine. You will be missed.

He was on Late Show with Colbert recently I think. (That’s all I know about him.)

My mom listened to a ton of his stuff when I was a kid- late '70s-early '80s. I turned on Bruised Orange on Spotify last year and I still know all the words by heart, heh. Damn.

I must regret that I always get John Prine and John Hiatt confused - I like them both, but fairly casually. Regardless, really sorry to hear this.

Absulutly gutted. Prine told the greatest, happiest, saddest and most human stories ever. Keep whistling and fishin’ John

RIP to the quintessential singer-songwriter.

I was introduced to John Prine’s music kind of accidentally in college around '85. We were all into what was college radio at the time, REM, Replacements, etc. Prince was also huge. And a lot of my friends were into metal.

And the weird thing was… Prine’s songs would just get into your head and everyone would just sing them randomly all the time, or in the shower for the shower singers. Christmas in Prison, Please Don’t Bury Me, Paradise… there’s something about his music.

Am glad I saw him in concert once. In the Age of Irony, he cut against it all. His empathy for the commoner was incredible.

Same here, but in the 90s. When she came with me to drive across the country when I was moving, she brought along one of his CDs and yup, I still knew all the words.

This was great, thanks for posting it, what movie was he talking about?

In 1975 I was 16 and was into the usual mainstream rock, but for some reason latched onto a Joan Baez album called "Diamonds and Rust." I have no idea why I bought it, but it captivated me. Particularly her version of “Hello in There.” And that’s how I discovered John Prine, 45 years ago. What an amazing songwriter. I only wish I’d made the effort to see him perform, just once.

I saw him live in Pensacola, Florida in the mid ninties and he was incredible. Before he sang each song he’d tell a funny (or heartwarming) story about it. It was a wonderful night, and the absolute best concert I ever went to.

I particularly liked his story about the Happy Enchilada:

Fuck. Sam Stone is genius. RIP

Prine is a bit like Cormac MCarthy used to be. A mutual code that let you know you were talking to someone who appreciated good writing and music.

Prine’s debut album has to be among tops of all debuts. Just about every song from side 1 is an all time classic. Paradise and Angel from Montgomery are 2 of all my time favorite songs.

Brilliant start to his career.

This is very cool! I love Roger but I had no idea. Thanks for sharing.

Beautiful tribute to Prine from Jason Isbell in today’s NYTimes: