John Riccitiello's "dirty little secret"

Title John Riccitiello's "dirty little secret"
Author Mark Asher
Posted in Games
When January 12, 2011

How's that for a headline, and I hope I misspelled his name and took game journalism down even lower. What could his secret be? That he paid $2000 on eBay for shoes worn by Rex Ryan's wife? Probably did, but that's not really a secret..

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Crap, you're doing the Tom thing with sports too. Who the hell is paying $5,000 on the ultimate team. The point of that is play online against other players and earn new player cards that way.

They are paying for virtual collectible player cards to assemble "Ultimate Teams" for competitive play with their friends. This is really just an extension of the bubble-gum sports cards into the video game arena. People are dropping lots of cash so they can get the equivalent of boxes of booster packs so they can get their favorite players, since they pull from any team represented in FIFA or several other "football" (soccer) leagues (I think).