John Romero's about to make you his taco truck driver

John Romero’s about to make you his taco truck driver That image is from Gunman Taco Truck. It’s a post-apocalyptic game in which the player owns the last taco truck in the world. Travel the wasteland, kill mutants, buy cooking supplies, and sell tacos. There’s side-scrolling action and a bit of a simple business sim mixed together. It’s the first game from Romero Games. That’s John and Brenda Romero’s indie studio in Galway, Ireland. Gunman Taco Truck was based on an idea from the couple’s son, Donovan Brathwaite-Romero, when he was nine years old. _Over 2 years and lots of fun have gone into making Gunman Taco Truck an unforgettable experience, and the realization of Donovan’s dream of making a video game. Donovan has been learning how to code for the past 3 years._ Gunman Taco Truck is available on Steam and the Humble Store.

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Hey why not, getting creative input from small children worked out pretty well for Monster Trucks! Give or take getting fired from Paramount.

But uh, kinda sorta interested in this one. I mean, I love post apocalyptic adventures and who doesn’t love taco trucks? It might be good! Romero’s never let us down before!

“Gunman Taco Truck”? I’m sold on the name alone.


(please just fucking post and don’t question if it’s a fucking sentence)

I always wanted to play a game based on Hamous and his ice cream truck. Maybe this will fill that gap.

Burrito Buggy sounds a little more post-apocalyptic. Wonder if it’s too late to rebrand it? :)

The Atacolypse is coming.

I think we can all agree that taco trucks are better than prison sex.

It’ll be carnitage.

Sometimes a good taco truck can be better than any sex!

Does Zoe from Firefly/Gina Torres know she’s in this game?

Can one achieve the rank of Taco Commander in this game?

$30 for a taco??? It better be better than sex!

Hey man, that taco had to go through some shit to get to you.

Supply and demand!

hey you don’t know what currency that’s in. If it was CRC, you’d be getting that taco for 0.06 USD.

Neat interview with John Romero’s 12-year-old step-son.

“Every weekend we did coding lessons,” Donovan explains. “The most useful thing I learned was probably functions and how they work. I also learned about design documents.”[/quote]

“In the early part of the project, I would come home from school and do some design doc work, then go and play video games,” he said. “After we moved here, it was almost every day I was coming to the office, and I still do come to the office super-often, so I balance it out with family time and other things like that.”[/quote]