John Wick: Chapter the Fourth

Guess they’re cashing in on Matrix coming out today.


“Be Seeing You”? Could there be a crossover between the assassins of the Wickiverse and the spies locked up with The Prisoner?

Sheesh, I thought it would be less than a year out by now.

Yeah, 99% of any excitement I may have is tempered by the fact it’s 15 months away. Have they even filmed it yet?

Hey this gives people more time to get vaxxed so theaters will be a safer place.

Or remain unvaxxed and die and unable to go to the theater so theaters will be a safer place.

I still remember a time when this and Matrix 4 were set to come out on the same weekend or something…

Day one purchase.

Thumbs up, hyped for this!

Sure, I’ll watch this.

Lets hope the final fight is a bit shorter than the last film, where he was in that glass room. :P

How dare you that fight was awesome.

Finally got to watch that teaser. I’ve not seen a movie in the theater since 1/1/2020…but I’ll see this in the theater. Day one.

It’s not too late to see Top Gun!

I’ll wait for streaming.



Ssssssssure why not!

Every John Wick is a little worse than the last, but the decline is slow. Long may the decline remain gradual!

I thought the third was an improvement upon the second, so I’m very excited for this.