John Williams to Retire From Film

One of my favorite John Williams segments is the binary sunset in Star Wars and obviously I’m not the only one who feels that way:

I think it’s fair to say Star Wars wouldn’t be more than some 70s scifi flick without its John Williams score. It did more heavy lifting in the original movie than ILM, Peter Cushing, James Earl Jones, and Marcia Lucas combined.

I love Spielberg’s The Terminal. And John Williams added a lot to that movie.

Listen to the score.

Also, holy Burger King commercial. I don’t remember that part.

That was a movie burger king, no way a whopper looks that nice.

A lot of the charm of this soundtrack echoes into the first Harry Potter movie too, but The Terminal is a more enjoyable movie.

And I love his Catch Me If You Can tribute to Mancini.

Dude turns 90, they have a birthday concert for him, and he ends up working. :D

He looks like he is having entirely too much fun. Retirement may kill the guy.

That’s Sir John. The Queen knighted him. Then her work on Earth was done.

90 is the new 70! :D

Great news.

I can’t imagine living to 90, let alone working at that age.

I enjoyed John William’s composition for the NCAA College Football Championship game. I hope it becomes a standard like the Olympics theme.

Was not aware, it is good!

Chris Wallace interviewed John for his show. “Guess who’s talking to Chris Wallace” on CNN and HBO Max. He is in amazing shape, and pretty sure it is work that keeps him young. What a joyful man and so humble. I’ve seen almost all of Chris’s 3 dozen interviews, I think this was my favorite.

Perhaps, God feels guilty for killing off so many musicians and composers young and letting us enjoy John for longer

91 years old and still having to show up for work…

The guy turned 92 today and just won a Grammy.

Grammy wins for John Williams, Gustavo Dudamel and Yuja Wang – all the classical... - Classic FM.

Something to read this weekend. It’s Variety, so keep your ad blockers sharp!

I loved this section from the recent oral history on Schindler’s List in The Hollywood Reporter…

With filming completed, Spielberg headed to the Hamptons for postproduction. There, in mid-June, he learned that Jurassic Park had had the biggest box office opening weekend of all time. And there, he showed Schindler’s List to his go-to composer.

JOHN WILLIAMS (composer) When it ended, I couldn’t speak, it was such a jolt. The lights went on and I stood up, left the room and walked around outside for a few minutes, reflecting on what I’d seen. I came back in and said to Steven, “Steven, you need a better composer than I am for this film.” And he said to me, “I know, but they’re all dead.”