"Johnny wants mouthwash!"

I hope this is true; the latest celeb gossip from Popbitch:

Fred Durst has been involved in many
strange episodes but none quite like this 
story that's going around LA. Fred met 
John Travolta recently and the two men got
quite chummy. One night, we hear, Travolta
called Durst to say he was coming round.

When he arrived, Travolta said "Johnny 
wants mouthwash. Johnny loves mouthwash."
Durst gave him the mouthwash. Next thing
he knew, Travolta leaned in for a kiss.
Seeing Durst's surprise, Travolta took
a step back, saying that he got the wrong
end of the stick and left. Durst stood there, 
horrified. Not because of any kiss. But because 
Travolta wasn't wearing his wig.