Join or die

This space intentionally left sexy

tough choices, hmm…

This really should have been a public poll.

It was really really really really tough to choose. We should use these names as the new levels for post counts once all the votes are in.

this really needed to be one of those polls where you could select multiple options

No way. You must commit!

And I also agree that BillD failed in a big way by not making the poll public. I guess he wanted to prevent battledancing between the Joint Taskforce on Ruling your Face on Land or At Sea and Asskickers Without Borders. And by that not happening, we all lose.


So lock this thread and start an identical new one with a public poll. Problem solved!

That’s Asskickers Sans Frontières, thankyou very much.

Whistling tunes we piss on the goons in the jungle

That was easy. Remember what M.O.U.S.T.A.C.H.E. stands for!

Is it okay to feel confused, or should I just keep that a secret and carry on? This is a public poll.

No, it’s not, you can’t see who voted what in the results.


More hilarity like this at partyplatypus dot com, folks!

I don’t see a Dog in a Wheelchair option.

I’m totally for fisting Rome. Thanks for allowing me to voice my position. BillD.

See BillD’s post count? Yeah, threads like this are how he gets it that high.

One of those groups are not like the other…though maybe the threat of a golden shower really IS menacing…

I’m for M.O.U.S.T.A.C.H.E. but only with the understanding that it doesn’t actually stand for anything, but we will smile smugly at the people who guess wrong.