Joint Ops: Who's playing?

I finally installed Joint Ops and am wondering if any QT3ers are playing regularly together. If so, I’d be interested in joining in the fun!

I play as Calistas :)


I play every night, but it’s in Australia so it’s a moot point.
I liked the game so much I even joined a clan. That’s something I never ever do.
If any other locals jump in and see PeterF -AUS- running around, feel free to ignore me when I ask for a lift or to get dropped off. God knows everyone else does.

Calistas, what are the server population levels like in Europe for the game?

Seems fine, always at least 1, 100 person server up and many others at 60,70,80.


TCG.Mr Jones

I play on both US and Aussie servers.

Oh and those damned AUS guys are a bunch of sniping pukes. :wink:


Is Novaworld down at the moment?

Because I can’t logon. It says that either I don’t have a net connection (nuh-uh), my router is messing things up (possibly, although their faq says that you shouldn’t have any problems with routers if you’re just joining games, and i’m in the DMZ), or Novaworld is down.

I had this similar problem when I last tried 2 weeks ago (since installing, I haven’t successfully logged on yet)