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Post the worst music videos in the business here.

Nelson - After the Rain

Edit: Oh, and I didn’t put it in the Music Forum, because I feel that forum is more for talking about new music and stuff… this is just for making fun of videos and laughing.

My #1 Runner up.

Dio - Rock and Roll Children

The liberal use of slow motion in this one makes me laugh everytime… slow motion hair flips? Hell yes!!

Nelson - (Can’t Live Without Your) Love and Affection

Joachim Witt - “Herbergsvater”

Joachim Witt - “Goldene Reiter”

Joachim Witt - “Goldene Reiter” (awful 2007 version)

Circulus - “My Body is Made of Sunlight”

arick stephenson experienc/bootyluv613 - “Total Eclipse of the Heart” (might not be a professional video, but it is someone playing music)

These are gold!!!

My next reccommendation

Queen - Princes of the Universe

The Smashing Pumpkins - “Thirty-Three”

The Cardigans - “Lovefool”

Eddie Ojeda - “Eleanor Rigby”

Ugh. Not one of Queen’s better songs, and videos made with movie clips are all pretty mediocre. Still, the smoldering homoeroticism between Mercury and Lambert at 1:23 is worth it.

Falco’s “Wiener Blut”

Sure it’s in German, but Falco with a mullet is pretty funny, as is the weird dancing and facial mannerisms. BTW, the song is about political corruption in Vienna.

Van Halen “Panama.”

(Can’t find it on YouTube.)

Great song. TERRIBLE video.

OH and uh…

But of course that goes without saying, no?

This is a thread about the worst videos ever, not the best!!

Pizazz - “Pizazz (Gonna Give It To Ya!)” (I’m unsure whether this belongs in the worst or the best)

Rickrolling aside, I’ll admit that I like that song. I still have a soft spot for mid-80s british dance pop and that song is pretty much a classic of that type.

So Pizazz doesn’t count?

The full length Black or White music video, featuring Michael Jackson, Macauly Culkin, Tyra Banks and George Wendt.

Edit: That one wasn’t the full version. Edited to add the right one, complete with Michael Jackson freakout at the end.

That is a good (bad) one bahimiron.

No, that isn’t remotely one of the worst videos of all-time.

That video is only “good” because it’s so dreadfully awful.

And this is not about good or bad songs. “Panama” is a fabulous song and a classic. But its video is terrible, and a good example why you should never let your lead singer direct your video.

So… I thought the Cardigans video started out merely boring, and then it turned into spectacular Scandi-randomness. I can’t believe I’ve never seen that!

But Eleanor Rigby … it’s not the video that’s the crime, it’s the music. I have no issue with someone doing a metal version of the song, but that’s like the metal version someone makes 3 months into learning guitar.

Holy shit… I just watched that. What. The. Fuck.