Jon Favreau writing and producing a new Star Wars TV series

Almost seems like we just need a catch-all Star Wars project thread, but what the heck, one more Star Wars thread. Details here:

Sounds maybe interesting? Not wild about this going up on Disney’s content delivery service, sounds like this might be another Star Trek Discovery.

Yep sounds like Star Wars: Discovery!

To be honest, I feel like we’re past Star Wars saturation at this point…

a) last entry in the Skywalker ennealogy (without Skywalker)
b) Solo, Kenobi(?), Boba Fett(?) movies
c) Johnson trilogy
d) Weiss & Beniof trilogy
e) Favreau series
f) animated Rebels follow up

Did I miss any?

Man I forgot about the Weiss and Benioff project. This is definitely getting out of hand.

I’m looking forward to the Kevin Hart Star Wars Comedy Revue Hour. I’m sure that’s coming up next.

I hope we get a new Christmas special. Though without Bea Arthur, I guess there’s not much point.

Marvel releases a metric crapton of media too. Comic books, network TV, netflix, movies, you name it. They manage to keep quality high so it’s all good. Maybe Star Wars will fare as well.

Although given The Crappy Last Jedi, that seems unlikely.

This sounds…safe. Not exciting.

If I keep being entertained by new Star Wars projects, it would seem foolish to complain about upcoming ones.

Pretty much this.

Not as interested in it as I am in whatever Dave Filloni and Pablo Hidalgo get up to next though. They have a track record for producing stuff most in keeping with the tone and spirit of the OT, and is frequently better than the recent movies.

At least it’s Jon Favreau. He has demonstrated some writing, directing, and producing competency. He’s also a big fan of the universe, which helps.

He voiced someone in Clone Wars or Rebels, didn’t he?

Clone Wars. He played one of the Mandalorian leaders in a handful of episodes. The leader Pre Vizla, who’s second of command was played by Katie Sackhoff of BSG fame.

We’ll see if there is a saturation point, but Marvel superhero movies and shows keep piling up and most of them have been fine or better.

It’s just a setting. The circa-2007 Star Wars live action series was meant to be Deadwood + Rome set in the lowest sections of Coruscant and never really cross paths with the Skywalkers or other main characters of the movies. I thought that had plenty of material to mine.

True, but Marvel’s universe is basically controlled by Kevin Feige’s vision.

Who is providing that for Star Wars? Kathleen Kennedy? If so, she hasn’t shown a lot of good judgement, with all the chaos around Rogue One and Solo.

Yeah, Feige is a major reason Marvel has flourished IMO, same as Jeph Loeb is handling Marvel TV. Also, Berlanti and the DC TV properties…

I really enjoyed Rogue One and Solo isn’t out yet, but Donald Glover as Lando has got me excited. IMO, the only major misstep under Disney’s control was The Last Jedi. But that was kind of a big one.

DC TV shows may be successful, but they never grabbed me. Formulaic, boring, CW-style trash TV. Way too many episodes per season. They’re on a completely different level than the Marvel Netflix shows in particular.

You’re so fucking money, Luke, and you don’t know it!

Disney has revealed the first look and directors for its “Star Wars” streaming TV series “The Mandalorian”

Dave Filoni, who has worked on “Star Wars: The Clone Wars” and “Star Wars Rebels,” will direct the first episode of the series. “Thor: Ragnarok” director Taika Waititi, Bryce Dallas Howard, “Dope’s” Rick Famuyiwa, and Deborah Chow (“Jessica Jones”) will direct additional episodes.

Han: I’m gonna find me two waitresses here and I’m gonna pull me a Greedo.

Luke: Yeah, well they’re all Twi’leks.

Han: What are you talking about? Look at all the beautiful babies here.

Luke: The beautiful babies don’t work the Midevetide to Dawn shift during the harvest. This is the Twi’lek shift.

Han: Look at all the beautiful honeys here.