Jon Shafer's At The Gates


I hate tutorials. I just want to play, and am resentful of unskippable tutorials.


Mark your calendars.



“Jon Shafer’s At The Gates, now ONLY on the Nintendo Switch!”


Launch exclusive on Epic Games Store!

Just kidding.


I bet you’re exactly right.


If true that would mean I have a game on the store.

Honestly I’m just glad it’ll be coming out, when a year ago I assumed it was dead.


At long last: a release date, Steam page, the works!


Good luck, Jon!


Very exciting! The dev diaries for this game were awesome.




I’m interested to see how this turns out. I’ll be waiting for the forum feedback before I do anything. I hope it ends up being worth the wait.


the game certainly has its rough edges it really is a new kind of 4X experience. It’s a tough game, and it can be a slow grind, but from day one I always wanted to build something that would take the basic genre formula and push it a bit more. The game won’t be everyone’s cup of tea.

This reviewer is a total jerk!


Congrats on getting this out! I know it’s been a long slog, and you’ve been through a lot,I’m just hoping for the best for both you and the game!


Okay, another game I’m excited about for 2019! Imperialism 2 is my favorite strategy game of all time, and I absolutely love the mechanic of searching for resources that Jon is using here.




Congratulations to Jon for shipping. Looking forward to it!


Yes, congrats @Jon_Shafer! I was backer number 1,680 and never had any doubt you’d deliver (well, maybe a little, but you know…)

Backers get both a Steam key and a DRM free key, according to a post from him on the KS page, fyi.


And instantly wishlisted. Not quite February 2019, but still near enough to it that it is going to be kicking off a busy month of games.


Well done!


I tried a very early build, but have been waiting for the final product since then to try again. Definitely looking forward to trying this, and congrats Jon!