Jon Shafer's At The Gates


Or saws ;-)


Or other advanced technology! Like a pole :)


Is that a tactical pole?


Yes, that’s the same card I have on my Surface and the game works well enough.


WTF? That is amazing!


Yeah I was blown away when i saw it. Vietnamese special forces apparently.


Be rassured, while not dedicated it far surpasses them.


I feel a terrible cold coming on January 23rd.


After watching the Let’s Play linked above I don’t believe I’ll be waiting for any opinions on this one. I’m just going to dive right in at release. Looks to be right up my alley and I’m very much in a gaming doldrums at the moment. Hopefully this’ll be part of the fix.


I’ve never had an experience quite like this – not in the game, but about the game. I had Kickstarted this in 2013 – six year ago. And during Jon’s long spells of radio silence, I’d become certain it was something I would never play. To think now that it comes out in two weeks feels somewhat shocking.


Well that explains most of the questions I’ve had over the years. I too am happy that I’m getting the game, and even happier that Jon is changing his life around.


I don’t know if this is already widely know, but there is a youtube series showing off a bit of the game.

Click here, it’s not a troll or a virus…

It’s from devildog, one of the guys who started explorminate if I understand it correctly.


@Canuck beat you to it a few posts up.


I noticed in his most recent he talks about how many updates are rolling out and each one invalidates saves so technically he isn’t playing the latest build by a decent margin. FYI


I might actually put together a video if i can get permission, i’ve actually finished a game of it before and have some knowledge of the mechanics, and could probably comment intelligently on the design.

#812 was very similar.


Yeah can confirm, there was an update last week that broke the save. Makes getting through a game hard hah.

Saying that, I suspect the mid/late game is going to feel a tad under-developed anyway to being with. Still, the early economic/migration is still pretty fascinating and fun, re-starting never feels like a chore… I’m only slight miffed because I actually want to see the later game.


Except historically questionable!

I’m very glad Jon pulled through.


Thanks for the heads-up!


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