Jon Shafer's At The Gates


I agree.

Scroll up a ways and everyone is worried about his health due to literally no communication for months.

Then he is found to be OK and we are all relieved.

Now he is balls deep in designing games for Paradox and ATG is in his spare time? And NOT A SINGLE WORD to the KS group?

I am not touching his games until this is dealt with.


I don’t understand all the angst. When you get a new job you have to do stuff. I would think that for a company like Paradox that would include interviews.

At the very least the interviews will generate interest for At the Gates which may act as an impetus for John to make certain he finishes it.

Either we support someone for who they are and not judge or we are willy nilly in each and every little thing that we really know nothing about. If he was sick and now he is feeling better let’s just be happy he can do an interview rather than we were not told something first.


He needs to update his profile pics:

I’m fairly certain these are two different people.


I can’t imagine Jon trying to pull one over on people. I think this was just a bit poorly managed.


Agreed. Didn’t he have health issues last year? In the United States, being self-employed? Yeah, say goodbye to the Kickstarter money he was probably planning to use as a salary. If I had health issues, you better believe I’d be jumping at the chance for getting health coverage and if someone on the internet who paid me $20 wants to be outraged, then that’s just the lumps I’d have to take.


Regarding the interviews, they are all from PDXCON 2017, where they announced that he now works for Paradox, so this information loop was all controlled by them. A mail to backers after the announcement with all this info would’ve been nice though. But whatever. I don’t really expect At The Gates to be released, so at this point I don’t really care because, like all kickstarter projects I back, I pretty much write off the money as soon as my credit card is deducted.


Do professional coders really use laptops as their primary work machines?

That’s a nice laptop he has there, a Razer Blade Pro. I have one, too. It’s my work/ play machine for when I travel. At home, for work and play, I use a desktop. It’s not hard to sync stuff anymore.

That is very perceptive. As another self-employed person, the AHCA has me and my business partner considering closing down our startup. That would put about a dozen people out of work, but we both have some health conditions that may become a real problem in the individual market if the pre-existing conditions protection is significantly diminished.


I do45


Why would you support Kickstarter projects in that case? Just to get rid of excess cash?


I can’t speak for Brakara, but I support kickstarters when I really like the devs and I want to support their efforts. I also view it as more a wing-and-a-prayer than a purchase.

Sometimes, that works out (Grim Dawn). Other times, it does not (most other examples).


I guess that makes sense. I’ve not supported any Kickstarter projects myself. I have purchased Early Access games, but I now only buy into those when the developers have proven that they can actually finish what they’ve started (i.e. Larian with Divinity: Original Sin 2 and Amplitude with Endless Space 2).


I have similar criteria. Well, now I do, having learned the hard way ;) I’m also more likely to buy into MMO’s early, if I really like what I see and doing so can provide a competitive advantage. Albion Online and Crowfall are both installed now.

And now I am doing what annoys me in other threads, extending a derail. Apologies to those focused on ATG!


I can’t remember not getting anything from a Kickstarter. I could easily be forgetting one or two, but all the big ones I backed delivered. Hell, I even received my Coolest Cooler haha


AtG is one of only two kickstarters I’ve done that hasn’t delivered from 2015 yet. The other I feel more confident about, because they occasionally communicate, said they were in crunch, and did have a publisher step in (Atlus)

I feel less confident about Jon’s project right now. While I expected it to take years because it seemed understaffed, it will be impossible not to remember if it isn’t delivered.


Wow that is crazy. Living in Canada I often forget how lucky we are to have full health

A health issue could really mess you up physically and financially in the US.


At least once a year I ask myself why I ever moved back to the US from Canada. It usually coincides with paying a medical bill or seeing the increased premiums on my health insurance plan. :)


Every year I think about getting a job in Thompson Manitoba because a friend lives up there. Then I remember that it’s Thompson Manitoba and keep paying my insurance premiums.

Of course, Thompson might be pretty sweet with the way things are going with our climate.


Thompson ain’t no Paris of the Prairie like that brilliant jewel, Saskatoon!


I can’t speak for the folks already in the industry, but pretty much all of the programming or software engineering students I see use laptops for everything pretty much.


This. Too many people look at it as pre-ordering, but really it is investing in a project that you want to see come to fruition. If they succeed - awesome, but if it doesn’t that was always a possibility when you decided to fund.