Jon Shafer's At The Gates


Enjoyed the game quite a bit. Still on my rig.


Glad to hear he seems to be coming out of this all right after reading through that post. I remember listening to him on some developer podcasts somewhere, maybe it was his, or maybe it was Soren Johnson’s. I don’t know… anyway, not knowing what Jon was going through, I remember thinking “I don’t know if At The Gates is ever going to make it.” Listening to how he responded to mild suggestions or lessons Soren learned or whatever, I felt like Jon didn’t want to hear it and just do it his exact way. He struck me as 1) someone who needed a producer/publisher or whatever to structure his efforts and 2) someone who may have experienced too much success too quickly to have experience teach him his short comings that could be handled as part of a team. Anyway, I don’t intend that observation in a mean-spirited way because I had no idea what other circumstances were at play and I’m glad he seems to be doing better. Hopefully At the Gates enjoys success as well.


I’m really glad he’s doing better now, and As a sidenote I’m very impressed by his writing. Usually I wouldn’t make it through such a long autobiographical story.


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Thank you so much! It genuinely means an awful lot even years later that it made some people happy :) It certainly was a beautiful year making it.

Yeah probably. But I always wanted to be respectful to the customers who bought it. So I didnt put in on sale ever after launch week. Maybe I should after all these years.

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Yeah, the GUI is poor, to put it politely. I did a piss poor job on that part. Maybe one day I will revamp.

Anyways back on topic yeah my point to @Jon_Shafer was that he cant control the games reception beyond doing his best. But he can control his reaction to it and he seemed in an emotionally vulnerable place. We are all rooting for him and I am delighted to hear from some of the beta testers hear they love it! A very good sign!


I can’t read the title of this game without thinking of the book Enemy at the Gates: The Battle for Stalingrad which is an excellent book.


Oh man, I’m sorry, I put that on my wishlist and then promptly forgot about it. You know what reminds folks about games? Putting them on sale once in a while. Then we get emails about 'em and such. ;) Just saying.


Meanwhile, I can’t read the title of this thread without thinking “well gee, somebody open the gates and let the poor guy in already.”


Thanks! This looks very interesting. I’m really hopeful.


Yeah, that’s what always crosses my mind when I see the title. Dude’s been at the gates a hella long time now.


I mean have you seen the Constantinian walls? The various Slavic, Arab, and Turkic kingdoms were at those gates for centuries. Most, like Krum, would sit there for a few days camping then go home.


Does anyone know if Intel HD 620 graphics can handle the required Graphics: X1950 Pro, 7900 GT?

If so, then January 23 is officially Jon ShaT Gates Day!


It’s really interesting when you think about how much history was determined by those walls. If they had not been built when they had been, the later Eastern Romans probably did not have ability or capacity to have built them. So many nations foundered on those walls - Goths, Huns, Avars, Persians, Bulgars, Arabs, Rus, and Turks. Think how history would have changed if those walls had not existed!


Walls work!


That’s why they call them walls!


Until you get cannons. Then they become useless money sinks.


Or saws ;-)


Or other advanced technology! Like a pole :)


Is that a tactical pole?


Yes, that’s the same card I have on my Surface and the game works well enough.


WTF? That is amazing!