Joost Invites?

Soo, anyone want to send me an invite to Joost who has some extra…

kunikos AT/@ gmail DOT/. com

yep, you just got one. Also, everybody on joost got unlimited invites now, so if anyone else wants one…

What’s Joost?

Well shucks, why not.

tdimhcs.rehpotsirhc, only reversed. Take that, internet!

looks cool…could i have one?

same as my qt3username @

I’d like one also: john /dot/ roberdeau /at/ gmail


I’ll take one; aaron / at / sofaer / dot / net

I’ll take one too please, down town 1 .a@@t. geee-mail .d0t. c0m

Haven’t heard of most of the channels in their listing, but “Virgin Fest 2006” sounds promising…

May I have one?

My username at

May I pretty-please get one?

same as my qt3username @ also

Oh God, I hope I got all your emails right…

Got mine, thank you.

daley dot/. jeff at/@ gmail dot/. com

got mine…thanks!

Got mine, thanks!

I’m having a lot of trouble connecting to the site though. Anyone else having problems?

Well, when i first logged in, it wouldn’t recognize my email…but when i shut it down and restarted it seemed to have taken it, cuz i was able to login. soo, if that’s what you mean…?

No, I just can’t connect to the site. Just keeps timing out and hanging.

I’ll take one if there are any left

gwhitta at gmail dot com