Jordan Peele may be bringing a new Twilight Zone to CBS Access

Hey, maybe there’s a second reason to spend a few bucks on CBS Access!

Crap. STD wasn’t enough to make me bite, but I do love me my Jordan Peele.

Yeah, that’s a heck of a one-two punch for me. Not quite to here:

But definitely here:


Dammit, CBS. Dammit.

Not a big fan of Peele. And, I’m not sure I want to watch episodic content when everything else lately is quasi-serial or has overarching multi-episode arcs.

How the heck can you possibly say that when Get Out was one of the best Twilight Zone episodes I’ve never seen?

Exactly my thought, @wumpus. And I could use some nice, encapsulated episodic content. My binge watch queue is starting to resemble my Steam backlog because every show requires so much time investment.

Yeah I’m way better at putting stuff into my Netflix queue than actually watching them.

Sounds like this is coming early April 1st at last.

I thought the trailer looked great.

April 1st? They’re not gonna pull the rug out from under us and say it was all a joke are they?

I thought the trailer looked great too. I’m intrigued by their using several actors who are traditionally comedic, like Kumail Nanjani and Adam Scott.

CBS uploaded an episode for everybody in the (approved parts of the) world to watch for free:

UK not approved. I’m hoping this will be on Netflix a la Star Trek Disco. But as far as I’m aware there’s nobody has officially (publicly, anyway) picked it up.

Get a VPN and point it to the US :)

I thought it was OK, if too long, When people speak of the great original Zone episodes, they rarely mention any from the one season when it went form half an hour to an hour. These kinds of stories are designed to be short and punchy, by nature.

Peele would do well to remember that, and split the hour format into 2, or even 3, tales per episode.

Way too long, and really not that great. I think they chose poorly when it comes to giving people a free taste to entice them.

Yeah, the early reviews on this series haven’t been kind.

RLM mentioned in their review of Us that Peele is amazing at taking weird concepts and doing them well. Don’t forget not all of the old TZ episodes were amazing. Most were just strange. People generally remember the good ones.

Seems like it’s his wheelhouse tbh. But it’s on CBS Access so… fuck that.

I it up for a quick break from work and saw it was an hour instead of the 20-30 minutes I was expecting, decided I didn’t have time to watch an hour long show. I didn’t even realize that the original had any 50 minute episodes, I just remember the 25 minute ones.

I’m sad they went with 1-hour long for their format.

I’ve been going through Netflix Love, Death, and Robots. Those are great for a short break since they’re all 10-15 minutes. They’re kind of a mixed bag, but production values are high, so even the flater ones don’t seem that much of a waste of time because you’ve generally wasted 15 minutes or less.

Was hoping the new Twilight Zone would be similar.

I guess the times vary. The second episode (on CBS All Access) is about 35 minutes.

Unfortunately, it is pretty bad. A goofball take on Nightmare at 20,000 Feet called Nightmare at 30,000 Feet (10,000 feet higher!) that replaces the gremlin with something dumber.