Jose Chung is dead

Oh man, Charles Nelson Reilly died.

I would say that he made ‘Cannonball Run II’ worth watching, but then I shouldn’t use his death as an occasion to start lying.

Paul Lynde’s been gone a long time, and now CNR. At least we’ve still got Rip Taylor around.

Bummer. He was great as Jose Hung, but to be fair the writing of Darin Morgan is brilliant and that helped.

Didn’t Mark Asher sell him porn once?

Mark never said if it was gay or straight porn.

Don Canneloni: In the past, the Canneloni family was the most powerful of the families. We controlled drugs, prostitution, extortion, prostitution, gambling…

Slim: Uh, you said ‘prostitution’ twice.

Don Canneloni: Well, I like it.

Up on the hilltop where the vultures perch,
That’s where I’m gonna build my church,
Ain’t gonna be no priest, ain’t gonna be no boss;
Just Charles Nelson Reilly nailed to a cross.
I don’t piss, I don’t shit, I’m gettin’ no relief,
People shake their heads in disbelief.
Just me on a hilltop with 15 girls,
In a Nelson Reilly orgy that’ll make your hair curl.

what… the… fuck?

What? No love for The Dead Milkmen?

Actually watching Millenium on DVD right now and last night was the Jose Chung Doomsday Defense. Awesome, hysterical episode.