Journey To The Savage Planet

This Eurogamer review made me want to play it, but then I forgot all about it for a while and couldn’t remember its name.

Then somehow I got it confused with Risk of Rain 2 when I had a Stadia trial but it didn’t take long for me to realize that couldn’t have been the same game I was remembering. (Also not the same as Rainworld.)

I like this game a lot. It’s more of an exploration/adventure game with metroidvania-esque gear upgrades than a shooter, though there is plenty of combat. A real sense of whimsy, but with dark overtones. Interesting problem solving. I really should get it installed on the new computer.

I completed this at the beginning of 2020 before Covid-19 hit and really enjoyed it. I think it’s about as close as you’ll get to a new Metroid Prime but with a dark, oddball and slightly maniacal sense of humour. It’s got a really nice (and relaxing?) blend of exploration, combat and story, and the soundtrack by Brian D’Oliveira (Tearaway, Papo & Yo) is great too. It gives it a kind of spaced-out frontier vibe which really jams with the overall tone and colour of the game.

I played this on Epic and took so many amazing photos in-game (they took me ages to set up!) and then when I uninstalled the game after completing it… it removed the folder. Gah, that still stings.

lol, I was about to come here and be all, “man, this game has a good soundtrack,” but of course here is exactly where I saw that information in the first place.

Agree, bought it on Xbox on release and enjoyed it thoroughly. The game world does not have the wackiness of the meta-story and the bizarre ads pumped into your cabin on the ship, creating an odd duality in the overall experience, but it’s a reasonably well-tuned first person metroidvania for an AA game. I liked the strangeness, but your mileage may vary.

I think this is still on Game Pass. I should give it another chance. I played it up to the point when the world first opens up a lot, maybe an hour into the game, and that usually scares me away for some reason, whenever a linear game opens up into sort of an open world, and I die, and I get lost, and I wasn’t sure where I was, that sort of thing.

Yeah I’ve been meaning to play this one forever. I would be bummed if it left Game Pass before I got the chance. Same with Void Bastards, just haven’t made the time.

This game does an excellent job of addressing your concerns. If you die, you get a waypoint on your compass pointing to your corpse/loot. It also does a good job of pointing you to your next main quest and sub-quests.

Love the game so far, 4 hours in. Very fun.

Looks like the new Citizen Kabuto.

Soren Johnson has a great interview with the lead designer on his Designer Notes podcast:

I played this game with my 13-year-old daughter glued to the screen and we had a grand old time.

I’m finding this pretty bland (playing solo). The art and humor are nice, but the gameplay just isn’t doing anything for me. I thought Supraland was a much more engaging experience in this genre. Since I seem to be in the minority though, I’ll chalk it up to mood.

I didn’t like it either. I played it for like 7 hours on Sunday and while I liked the writing and humor, I didn’t find it all that engaging. I also didn’t like the more puzzely aspect of exploration as you got further on.

I think I got to an area where you needed to get to top of a tower, there was a lake with electro bugs and then floating pillars with barnacles on them going upward. I tried to figure out how to get to the top for a while, but I just gave up. I also did not apricate that monsters would respawn on a timer. Like you kill the monsters, and then stand there trying to figure out how to get somewhere and then your attacked again because they all respawned.

FYI: It’s on sale now for 50%. DON’Tt buy this game.

Even at 50% sale since there’s no support coming ever because the studio was shut down by Google Stadia.

Er um- what support? I played it on PC last year and everything seemed fine - fun game too.

I may be misinformed–I thought it was a GAAS which was incomplete at launch and depends on rolling out remaining gameplay. If it’s a fixed story/campaign, then I should retract my warning.

I didn’t finish (thoughHad a a lot of fun with it) but afaik it was a fixed campaign. Is there such a thing as a single player gaas?

Yeah, no it’s a self-contained campaign which can be played single-player or with a friend online. Maybe that part of the game is gone? I don’t know. This does not strike me as a game designed specifically for cooperative play though.

I completed it solo last year shortly after launch and it’s a solid and amusing Metroid Prime-esque first-person adventure. There’s some DLC, Hot Garbage, but I’ve not checked that out yet.

It’s OK. A bit more of the same, a few new ideas. Typical DLC.

Yeah, I didn’t really fancy or need much more to be honest, which is why I didn’t rush off to pick it up, despite it being very cheap!