Joust / robotron free XBLA

Who wants them? Yes, I know, I just did this, but I have more codes. (I wish they’d pick something I havent bought to send me, you’d think they’d know what I own…)

really? Sure!

Me, Me, Me. Robotron preferred if you want to split them.

Well, pick one? which game?

NM, I’ll send forge robotron, demon, you get joust

I don’t care. 200 points is 200 Points <_<

Plus, if I get Joust, it’ll make my friend infinately more jealous, as he seems to be a fanatic of it.

Woo, Zombi rocks!

Sent and sent.

Gracias Moore! TIme to gloat to my friend!

Once again, I thank you very much!

Wahhhh! Missed out on the freebies again!!

Anyone else got any XBLA freebie codes?

I’ve got a Joust one. First one to PM me gets it.

The robotron one is mine.

And the winner is extarbags.

Thanks to all the players!

There are no parting gifts. Get out.

You should PM extar back and cancel.

Joust and robotron codes again, up for grabs, pm.


How do you keep getting these, you’re like a Joust/Robotron code making machine.

It’s a highly specialized superhero power.

Could probably join the Superhero League of Hoboken or the Mystery Men with that one.



Those are perhaps the two games on my “Most Wanted, but Can’t Justify Spending Money On” list.

I always miss out on the freebies.

How could you guys miss this? Even I got these freebies this time.