Joystick Problems With Retro Gaming System

I’ve built this smoking gaming system for playing DOS-based games from the early 90s – a 100 MHz 486 DX4-S processor with a hefty 2 MB mach64 video card.

My biggest snag is that I can’t get the older games to see my joystick – a Logitech WingMan Extreme Digital 3D. The joystick is a few years old, so it has a 15-pin yellow connector that goes to the soundcard, rather than a USB interface.

From what I’ve read, there are no generic DOS joystick drivers, in contrast to peripherals like CD-ROMs and mice. Each game is supposed to recognize a joystick & install its own driver. So far, Falcon 3.0, Privateer, and Red Baron have all failed to recognize the joystick. I’m assuming I’ll have similar problems with Their Finest Hour and Wing Commander 3.

Any suggestions how I could get these games to see the joystick? I’m thinking the joystick may simply be too new, and I’ll have to search EBay for an older model. Thanks in advance for any help.

It may be too new… Originally joysticks and controllers sent analog signals, and later controllers had both digital and analog, but I believe most everything now is digital only. So if the game is looking for analog, you are S.O.L.

I would try different soundcards from the soundcard menu as well.