Jpinard is...the Frog Whisperer!

So I got to write an article about our own Jeff Pinard, aka, the keeper of the frop bog. I think some of you guys might enjoy it.


Wow! This is really cool. Thanks Tom! Hi Jeff! :D

Tom: How many times did you have to change “frop bog” to “frog bog” in your editing passes? :P

That was really lovely, Tom. And Jeff, of course, since many of the words were yours as well.

Love the article! I feel like I am a part of it in a small way since I know about the keeper of the Frops.


That is an awesome article! Thank you very much for sharing!

Great read! Thanks for writing and sharing!

Good ol’ frops.

A wonderful read, and so great to get more insight into the frop bog. Thanks Tom, for the article, and Jeff for offering a deeper glimpse into the bog, and your own life.

Did you actually go to Jeff’s house to visit and take those pics? If so, holy crap we should’ve had a midwest meetup or something :D

Thank you for linking! Love it.

That was a great read, thanks for sharing and thanks for the insight.

I remember, for a couple of years on the trot my parents’ pond used to get infested with toads looking for mates. They were really terrible because they didn’t just latch on to other toads, but the fish as well, some of which were killed if I recall. My parents had to fish them all out (there were buckets of the buggers) to take to a much bigger pond.

I felt so sorry for what I’m guessing were the females because we found some with a male clutching on to their front and a male clutching on to their backs (‘amplexus’) so they could barely move (or breath). It was a big ol’ mess of mating.

This doesn’t exactly relate to frogs to my knowledge but when I started reading about the ‘frop bog’ my first thought went to my mum and dad’s pond and toadmategeddon. How is all that business with frogs @jpinard?

This inspire me. I have done basically nothing (other than work, sleep and eat) the last 20 years.

Some people is really beautiful.

Lovely read. Inspiring.

That’s fantastic! Great article, better story.

Really a great read.

Great article!

Wonderful read! Very nice.

Great article and inspiring story. It was great to see the frop bog. So much work went into it.


<3 <3 <3

Tom sure is a talented writer (something we all knew). Seeing his writing outside the gaming/movie world is really cool. I felt honored and humbled to have their time and effort to write this up on me.

I have a question as I need to soothe my wife who is a perpetual worrier. She was worried we looked like animal molesters after the cat, raccoon, and duck parts lol. I didn’t at all since it’s very humane compared to what most people do. Also she’s not a nurse but was very honored to be called one. Her work colleagues at the city might be confused why a nurse would be working as a security dispatcher with them instead at a hospital hahahaha. :)