I’m on page 45, and this book sucks and is stupid. I am tempted to just drop it. Has anyone read the whole thing? Does it, like, get better, or is this one of those “If you don’t like it by now, you’re just not going to like it” kind of things?

Copeland has hit the “writing sequels to books I wrote 12 years ago” phase of his career. At this point he’s going to have to wait 10 years and stage a comeback.

I’m finding it to be not half the book that Microserfs was. The great thing about microserfs is that coupland loved all of his characters, no matter how ridiculous they were. not really the same here.

You’re just saying that because the book is about you.

I bet you think this book is about you, don’t you, don’t you.
You’re so vain.

Just starting it now myself: being a fan of most of his past works so far I’m pretty bummed with it. I think the main problem with the book is that its too Coupland… too much quirky shit and not enough plot. It’s like he’s trying too hard.

But it’s not. It’s clear from reading the book that Coupland doesn’t know anything about game developers, and just asked a friend for some buzzwords that he could stick in.

I think Frumple is right in that the book is basically 100% “quirky shit” and the problem is, none of it is actually worth anything.

It’s trying to be cool, self referential & “hip”. It’s so not a sequel to Microserfs in any shape or form, and the only link is really ‘tech developers’.

It’s the only Coupland book I’ve disliked.