Judge Who Nixed Do Not Call is on the List!

DENVER - The office phone number of a federal judge who ruled last week that a national do-not-call registry is unconstitutional was among the thousands already on the list.

U.S. District Judge Edward Nottingham’s number was added in July to the registry, which was designed to block telemarketers’ calls.

It wasn’t clear whether Nottingham himself registered the number or knew it had been registered. A call to the office Saturday was not immediately returned.

Man, that’s too funny! :lol:

Funny it might be, but I did not know the numbers that were on the list were not confidential!

Now the do-not-call list is a big “CALL ME AND SPAM ME” list.

How did you think the telemarketers knew whom not to call? This is the main reason I didn’t sign up for the list. I don’t give my phone number to anyone except friends–I have a separate line that I give to other folks–so I don’t get bothered by telemarketers that much. I figured signing up for the list is probably a bad idea for someone like me. I assume charities and political organizations will mine the list for numbers, and people outside the country could use it for anything (although I doubt telemarketers would pay the long distance charges just to do telemarketing).

Concerning telemarketers, I assume these are minimum-wagers looking for a way to pay rent, so I’m usually nice and just politely/hurriedly excuse myself. Of course, if it’s from an organization I’ve asked not to call me, I use the counter-script. (This sometimes happens when the same place calls me twice in one evening.)

  • Alan

I’ve never understood the “It’s not the telemarketers’ fault, they’re just trying to make a living” mentality. So are muggers. That doesn’t mean they’re allowed to be jackasses about it.

Agreed. If someone’s living depended on coming to my door, entering, and making a sales pitch to me, does that make me somehow obliged to let them on my property? The fact that you have chosen to make your living by annoying people engenders in me no sympathy whatsoever for your financial well-being. I don’t let spam in my mail-box, and I do whatever I can to keep telemarketers off my lines.

But different from a Mugger, telemarketers aren’t doing anything illegal. There’s no reason to not be polite to them and then excuse yourself from the conversation. Being an ass to somebody that’s just doing their (currently legal) job is stupid.

There are plenty of activities that are legal that should still be socially censured as a matter of course. Unless you actively approve of what they do, by behaving passively you are a part of the problem.

Not disagreeing - I just don’t like people that are pricks to other people in customer service type industries :P

Telemarketing is not a customer service industry.

What? Telemarketing is a “take advantage of the elderly and polite” industry, statistically speaking. You think they call at the dinner hour because it’s the only time they can call?

I make them as miserable as possible. Normally that means heaping abuse by the ton on them, but occasionally I feel playful and extend the call as long as possible, killing their productivity. My record is 42 minutes for a credit card signup.

The more miserable they are, the more likely they are to quit and get real jobs. I just wish there was a way of inflicting this kind of pain back on email spammers too.

LOL You have too much free time on your hands.

Apparently, unlike you guys, I’ve had to work dead on jobs like that before because I was unable to find anything better so I have some empathy for them.

Maybe I’m just idealistic, but is there really any reason to heap abuse on them? I simply tell them I’m not interested and get off the phone.

Depends. If they sound like they really care and are excited to be bothering you - these people exist, I know, I was a telemarketer for 6 months - I berate the hell out of them.

I haven’t talked to one in years, though, since I got my cell phone.

There are dead end jobs that suck, and then there are dead end jobs whose existences have actively negative consequences for people who don’t actually do them. One is, say, concentration camp administrator. Another is telemarketer.
I’ve done low wage, minimum experience. That doesn’t mean forgoing basic decency in pursuit of that sort of job shouldn’t carry consequences, like people treating you poorly.

Maybe I’m just idealistic, but is there really any reason to heap abuse on them? I simply tell them I’m not interested and get off the phone.

There are plenty of reasons. Maybe they’ll get fed up and quit. Maybe they’ll get fed up and commit suicide. And at the far end of positive outcomes, they’ll snap and murder their entire office, thus preventing that particular subset of telemarketing activity from proceeding.
In fact, the only reason I can think of not to is that you are the sort of person that feels worse after telling someone off, no matter how justified, in which case I’ll let you get back to your positive thinking and Lifetime dramas.

I don’t know if I completely agree with “telemarketing is the moral equivalent of running a concentration camp,” but I’m pretty close.

Daaaaaam! I actually agree with LK. Never happen again, I’m sure. When it comes to telemarketers, I’m a right wing nut! (Usually, a middle-wing nut.)

Well, there’s a slight difference in material consequences. But the mentalities are similar enough to make the comparison less than purely hyperbolic. Also, the Hitler reference means that I can automatically lose, still be right in most reasonable people’s eyes, AND end the debate in one fell swoop. That’s multitasking.