Juggling PSP memory sticks

For my PSP, I have a cramped 32MB memory stick loaded with saved games and an empty 1GB memory stick.

Is there any easy way to transfer everything from the 32MB stick to the 1GB stick? I have a USB cable for the PSP and a PS3. Will those help? Or so I need some sort of fancy proprietary reader doo-hicky?


Well, it’s not an elegant solution, but you could always copy the contents of the 32gb stick to your home pc, then swap out the memory cards and copy back to the new one. It’s what I did anyway.

Humm, when i got my new memory stick i transfered my old saves to the PC then moved them to the new one and it seems to have worked. (I say seems because i haven’t played with it much)

That sounds more elegant than any other solution.

You should grab PSP Media Manager. It’s free now, although the installer is in Japanese. The program is English, though.

You can rip everything easily to your hard drive and then over to the new memory stick. It’s useful for when you end up with more stuff than you have room for.

Tom, it’s worth noting that the PSP is a USB device. Plug it in to your PC, set it to a USB connection in the system menu, and you can read the memory card in windows as if it were a card reader. Just drag everything off of it, swap cards, copy the stuff back, and you are done.

That is the elegant solution. The PS3 has no useful file management capabilities, even if you have the version with the card readers on the front. If you move save files just using the PSP, you have to eject/insert/eject/insert for every file. Screw that.

Umm, wait, really? I had assumed there was some sort of hardcore proprietary Sony file structure. I can’t believe it’s that easy. Hold on…

Wow, lookit there! Sheesh, that was easy. This is almost like that time my buddy noticed I was dragging a long blue LAN cable out into my living room every time I needed to update the system software on my PS3.

“I thought you had a wireless network?” he asked.

“Yeah, I do.”

“Umm, you know there’s a built-in wireless adapter in the PS3, don’t you? It’s not like the 360.”


Yeah well, given Sony’s normal standards of fucking the dog when it comes to this kind of stuff, it’s understandable that you just assumed it wouldn’t work that way.

That being said, early on, there was a pretty hard core set of directory and file naming rules. For the most part they’ve been relaxed.

Also, you can just stick it into any of those multi card readers. Most read memory stick so for duo’s you need to stick them into these little adapter sleeves to make them the same size as a regular memory stick (similar to micro/mini sd adapters -> regular size sd).

That way you don’t need to whip out your mini usb cable, power the psp on, and all that jazz.

Can I pretend like I knew this all along?

Stupid Japanese installers.

Tom, this is a good thing to do every once and a while, even if you aren’t switching cards. I back up my saved games every few months.

BTW, the dog fucking is reserved for Microsoft this time around. Both Sony and Nintendo let you copy simple things like saved games to a memory card you can buy for pennies and back them up or transfer them around.