Juiced 2 demo on Live

Anybody try this out yet? I’ve never found a game of this genre that I enjoyed as much as Need For Speed: Underground, and even that might be a false memory tinged with sepia-toned nostalgia. I seem to recall that the first Juiced was about at well-receieved as a surprise colonoscopy.

Have you tried the Burnout games? Up until I played Burnout 3, NFS Hot Pursuit was my favorite.

Oh yeah, I played a great deal of Burnout 3 on Xbox Live, I loved that game. With the “genre” that Juiced 2 and NFS Underground fall into, I was talking more about games with more tuning/customizing than Burnout but less than, say, Forza or Gran Turismo.

burnout is a great series, flatout was a decent demo though, imo. juiced makes me want to puke, but thats just the name and associated art, I think, never played it.

I tried the single-player demo that came out a while back, and just couldn’t get over how garish the track was and how difficult that made preparing for turns. Looking at the Gamespot images, it looks like other locations will be more open and subdued, but it still put me off enough that it’ll take good word-of-mouth to get me interested again.

There’s also Midnight Club 3. I’ve never played it, but it is an “underground” arcadey racer with non-gearhead customization.

I miss the Tokyo Extreme Racer games, where you’d cruise around different parts of Tokyo, looking for other racers, who you could challenge to races on the spot. You won by staying ahead of them for a certain amount of time, or lost by them doing the same. After you beat enough members of a certain car ‘club’, their boss would come out and challenge you. Really fun racing formula that seems to have died entirely.

From what I’ve read, Burnout Paradise is adopting an “open world” design along these lines.

It looked really slick at PAX. Sort of the street racing/import tuning version of Test Drive Unlimited. From what I saw, I’ll pick it up over the next Juiced, Burnout, or NFS.

I played some good hours in the first Juiced, and was a understated game. Most people thought it was another clone more of NFS: Underground, but apart of the ‘street’ style, the racing itself was much more harder, less arcade but still not in the simulation subgenre, you really had to train to learn every vehicle, every new circuit. If you switched to a car with another transmission or tweaked enough their settings, you have to relearn how to drive it.

And the graphics were very good, at least in PC, and the parts where you have to learn (with video tutorials, and i think every figure and move can be done in real life) and make moves and tricks was fun and challenging.