July 18, 2011: wallet thread level red

Title July 18, 2011: wallet thread level red
Author Tom Chick
Posted in Games
When July 18, 2011

I can talk at length about a game I like. But when asked whether I'd recommend a game, suddenly it's 100% trickier. A recommendation has to take into account the recommendee, which is exactly twice as many people to manage as when I normally talk about a game..

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Little confused, i think a coupel of errors in this blog.
1. Chris Evans is playing captain america
2.Ryan Reynolds played Green Lantern, but did have the lead in buried.
3. The screen capture is of Flash, from i assume the DC Universe Online game, though if not I'd love to know what game its from since I've never seen this screenie before (or seen it in DCO)

Tom Chick is so ironic, LOL he troll u. Sigh.

Tom likes trolling his readers in any article mentioning comic book characters because he knows people will be chomping at the bit to correct him. It always works, though I've never quite figured out the purpose behind it.

Tom is even funnier when reviews sports games.

I would say that the purpose of these "errors" is humor. Just think of Tom as a poor man's Phil Hendrie aimed at nerds and geeks rather than the general populace (or maybe that should be Populous...).

Tom always protests so much that he knows nothing and cares nothing about comic books and superheroes (even thought he's played tons of DC Universe and other superhero games).

I can only conclude that he's actually a huuuuuuge comic book superhero nerd.

Well, yeah, he drops a "It's clobberin time!" in there. That's not exactly a widely known reference, like talking about the Bat signal or Planet Krypton.

The schtick gets old when it comes to sports, though. Tom plays it a little too genuine there, and as we all know, the only thing more irritating than the crazed sports fan is the noodle armed, bird chested non-fan who protests his superiority for not knowing anything about sports. :)

Hey now, Tom knows plenty about sports. He reviewed Dirt 3 and we all know NASCAR is a perfectly legitimate sport!

Anyone know what time XBLA games come out (and your time zone so I can do the conversion to Eastern time)? I'm going to be up all night anyway, and I want to pick up Bastion the instant it's available.

My experience is that new releases tend to go live at about 2am on Tuesday night/Wednesday morning, California time. Give or take.

Tom's just joshing. He's spent too much time on Pinball FX2's Fantastic Four table not to know that "It's clobberin' time!" belongs to the Human Torch.